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Cypress Parc

18001 Cypress Trace Rd.

Houston, TX 77090



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/21/2005
We were set to move in Jan 28. Our apartment was not ready as promised. The complex had to pay for 2 hotel rooms and our moving truck. The apartment was still not ready when promised the next day. The paint was still wet and so were the floors that were still not clean. My son's room smelt of cat urine for months and took me steam cleaning it 4 times to get the smell out. There were cig. burns in the carpet and generally the place just looked dirty. When we looked at the property weeks prior they told us the back fence that was torn down was going to be replaced shortly and the makeover on the property was getting ready to start. Did it? NO! It was mid July before we saw any upkeep done to the buildings and that came to a screeching hault for a month or so before they finished. And the fence didn't get replaced until early September. We had to request that our unit be put on a perm. schedule for the bug people to come weekly. The pool is always a nasty green color (sometimes a light green sometimes a swampy green). We took pictures on several occations. It will stay that way for weeks at a time. In the 9 months we have been there I think I have seen people brave the pool once or twice. Not like other complexes where people are always there. We have to fill out 4-5 request to get them to fix anything. After the 5th one we write a letter and tell them we are going to corp if this is not fixed now and they will generally come and work on it. Our last service request was for a leaky sink, no water pressure in the 2nd bathroom, water damage to the wall from a broken pipe and the dishwasher is not working AGAIN. The latest excuse they have given is their copy of our key is broken and they can't get in. And we should arrange a time during the work week for them to come out. We both work and can not take off to fit their schedule. Not to mention that every other time they have been in our unit we have been their, there is no reason the key should be broken and it didn't break off in our lock because our keys still work. Last night there was a completed service request on our counter for most of the items, guess the key wasn't broken after all. It took 3 weeks, 4 request and 6 visits to the office for it to get done. There is water damage to the wall from a pipe problem and they will not fix it. The water is always getting shut off because some pipe is broken and they fail to let anyone know. The front gate is another issue. They tell you not to let people in you don't know and people try to run you over and hit your car trying to drive in the exit gate instead of going in where they should. Our gate cards have been erased 4 times in 2 month time period. The people in the office are NEVER there when they should be. The sign on the door says they are in M-F until 6, by 550 they are gone and locked up tight. When you don't get home until 550 and think you have just enough time to catch them, you're greeted with a closed sign in your face. Same thing on the weekends. Sat they should be open until 5 and by 3 they are closed. The sign says they are there on Sun and we have yet to see the office even open on Sun. There are 2 lines to the office. They will not answer 1 and the other is suppost to be for emergencies and you can sometimes catch them on it. The manager is pretty nice when you can catch her, but you have to get through the EVIL front desk person to get to her. The woman is mean and hateful all the time. The dishwasher has broken 3 times since we have been there, the bathroom sink springs a drip every other month, the toliets 99% of the time do not flush (they have had to replace 2 of the toliets in my house), there are holes in the cement under the carpet, none of the screens fit the windows so bugs get in, the place is infested with bugs, there is always trash around the ground, the light that shines on my apartment goes on and off all night and makes a huge dark scary area at night when trying to get to the door, and the place just all around sucks. I would not recommend this place to my worst enemy. Our lease is up in a few months and we can not wait to leave. LEASERS BEWARE!!!!!
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Cypress Parc

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