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Estancia San Miguel



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shouldhaveknowbetter • Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/09/2007
I am a tenant at ESM for 8 months. Like the other person mentioned, when I first moved in everything was great. It took several days for approval but I figured it was because of their detailed screening process. After a couple months living here, I noticed all types of people storming in. (not racial but creepy men and loud partying folks) I thought to myself, wow it won't take long to become 95% full. I was patient through the remaining construction process which included gates being left open, no designated trash dumpster and contractors looking a little creepy, beer bottles in the parking lot etc... Once everything was completed we got an official welcome from the Michael-the manager- then everything started going down hill. Building fire alarms going off police and fire not able to get in the gates to respond, vehicles vandalized and broken into and that s what they allowed us to know to CYA.(cover you re a--) Their advice is to just make sure you call your insurance company to be sure your vehicles are covered what??? Well I guess that the best advice they can give and if so, why say anything at all. This LUXURY community be able to afford an overnight security service. $5 or $10 a month allocation can buy a presence (get rid of the pool table the office closes at 5:30 anyway and who can enjoy it? I bet the criminals actually live here and they know we have NOTHING include a dysfunctional staff that can t be located.<br>The manager is difficult to communicate. They say they want you to be alert and keep them informed but why if they act as though they don't care. Management doesn't live on the property so actually don't care. The quality of living here is not worth what we pay and even in the ------ they have security guards add pay less rent - I would have no complaints if I lived in the peaks of SW Houston. <br>They say you get what you pay for... well that's not true. Now I understand why tenants are breaking leases and moving out. ESM is not a LUXURY apartment - at least not like any I have lived in. LUXURY starts with management. Greystar has a good reputation if you read their website and self-created press releases, however what do you expect in marketing. <br>I WILL be moving soon... it is worth it to pay 2 rents for a few months if I can get a good night sleep without worrying if my car will be outside each morning or having to run to my apartment if I get home after dark. They say we have a courtesy officer, but I haven't met him... where is he during the mischief? Where is he when the police can't get into the gate? Where is he when the fire alarms (in several buildings) go off? A cop that can't hear sirens is worthless! Does anyone care about the tenants? Ask a lot of questions before you move here, if they can't look you in the eyes... then leave. Yes, they will probably tell you that the people that take their precious time to write a complaint on the internet has nothing better to do or is a disgruntled tenant... NOT SO! I am a professional and I believe in the power putting good as well as bad in writing. <br> I could just kick myself for being too caught up in a brand new unit and didn't pay better attention to staff and the subtle hints. I believe that management plays a big part in every problem we have here, but with poor management you get poor results. It s a shame you can't get your money back or cancel a contract for poor service like you can if you get a bad meal or poor service from an airline. Someone should be analyzing turnover here at this 9 month old property. Quantity over Quality - move in at your own risk, literally!
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Estancia San Miguel

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