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Excelsior On The Park



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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The enclosed in an account of my personal experience with the current property manager be informed when considering your next home choice. Property Manager for Excelsior on the Park, 14300 Ella Blvd. Houston, TX 77014 Toll Free: 1- (888) 773-1587 Fax: (281) 876-0423 Arruth Associates, Inc 5718 Westheimer, St. 2100 Houston, Texas 77057 713-784-1994 Fax: 713) 784-6048 To whom it may concern, I am writing to notify Arruth Associates, Inc. and Property Manager for Excelsior on the Park of a formal concern/complaint regarding my lease renewal with regard to the apartment unit, located at the address indicated below. 14400 Ella Blvd XXX Houston, Texas, 77014 Specifically, I received a lease renewal letter a few weeks ago, which indicated an increase of (USD$100) one hundred dollars in the current market rental rate, increasing the market rental rate for my unit (The Claridge) from USD$955.00 dollars to USD$1055.00 dollars per month. I contacted the leasing office the following day, Saturday, and spoke with a representative to inquire on the justification of the increase. The person I spoke with stated the increase was due to the factor that upon tenants moving out of the old units (un-remodeled) the units would be upgraded with the granite countertops hardwood flooring etc. and the new market rental rate would be $1055.00 per month. I advised the representative that the unit I leased was fully remodeled prior to my possession. She then advised the increase should not apply to my unit, and the notice may have been issued in error, as no upgrades are necessary and she would talk to the manager. I contacted the leasing office the following week est. Tuesday and requested to speak with the Manager. I believe I spoke with Stephanie. I advised the manager of the notice received and made the same inquires regarding the increase. I was greatly disappointed in the communication. In short I was advised that the Owners made the decision to increase all rent USD$100.00 and that they can charge whatever they want . However upon further inquiry it was stated that Not all rates would be increased USD$100.00 . My concerns as expressed were not taken seriously nor addressed by the property manager, there was very little concern in retaining current tenant relationships and I was advised if I decided to move to make sure I provided 30 days notice. I expressed to the manager that as a tenant I find it concerning that there would be an increase to the current Market Rate of USD$100.00 considering there are no improvements to the property, maintenance services, security measures, my apartment unit, etc. There are tenant notices no less than twice a month regarding on property robberies in the parking lot, and burglaries of tenant homes. I was advised she could walk my home to see what if any upgrades could be added. The property manager s response was perplexing and did not address any of my expressed concerns regarding the validity of an USD$100.00 increase. I would simply like validation of the increase and what I am paying an increase for. Due to the inconsistency in responses received from the leasing office, I reviewed the properties website 03/19/14 to confirm current rental rates, and noted the rental rate for my unit (The Claridge) is listed as USD$955.00 dollars which is the amount I currently pay for my unit. A screen shot of the Excelsior property website Exhibit A which includes the date of verification, and rental rate, has been enclosed for your confirmation below. I also enlisted the assistance of a colleague whom contacted the Excelsior on the Park leasing office 03/19/14 to inquire on the rental rates for my unit specifically and other applicant information. She spoke with Rachel and was advised of the following: No availability until 05/05/14 The Claridge Market Rental Rate: USD$985.00 The Oxford Market Rental Rate: USD$805.00 Application Fee: 45.00 Deposit: USD$200.00 Administration Fee: USD$150.00 It is pertinent to note the leasing management staff has changed during my lease agreement and I have not formally met the new Property Management. Furthermore, it is solely my intention to confirm the accuracy of the information which has been relayed to me prior to executing a lease renewal as it appears to be discrepant. I look forward to our correspondence and would greatly appreciate your expedited responses. Please note:I am awaiting response from Arruth Associates, Inc., and will update accordingly upon receipt. Current Property Manager for Excelsior on the Park: Rachel
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Excelsior On The Park

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