Forest Apartments
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Forest Apartments

22820 Imperial Valley Dr, Houston, TX 77073
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$847 - $1,113/mo



2.5 rating

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Resident 2019 - 2023


I've been a tenant for going on four years here at the forest. My first year my rent was only 700 dollars. The following year rent jumped to a mere 10 dollars more. For the past year I have been paying 800 dollars a month, im in the process of signing my new lease and it's going to increase to a whooping 870 ish a month not including trash and utilities. Please help me understand the incredible increase, because jobs aren't giving out this kind of raise, and I'm out of the 3 months required pay range to stay here

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    Resident 2016 - 2019


    Lived here these apartments are not suitable for people who are allergic to mold, roach infestation, dust. These apartments need to be to demolished are not livable but they supposedly have strict rules and regulations but can't remodel or replace cabinets, baths etc management is a rip off to the people who rent here never coming back for sure very dissatisfied and disappointed.

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      Resident 2018


      I've been here for 2 years now with my children and we love it here. Never had a problem with anything other than the tight parking space. We have security patrol at nights, which is awesome! The pool here is nice and clean. Maintenance is always fast and responsive. Staff are friendly too. I highly recommend this place.

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        Resident 2015 - 2018


        These apartments have a huge crime rate with cars being vandalized every night. And the ladies in the front office are nice and all but they dont do nothing about it to help you. Becareful moving here.

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          Resident 2017


          DON'T MOVE HERE !!! I came here to visit my son, who has been here maybe 2 weeks and they towed my car. NO SIGNS... NOTHING saying I could not park there. When I went to the office to dispute the towing the lady in the office in the front and the manager Diana were SO RUDE !! Telling me I should have payed attention to the signs..WHAT SIGNS?? THERE ARE NONE !! I'm gonna help my son find a new place to rude people... I guess I have to put 1 star because it doesn't give the option of none..I wonder y??

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            Resident 2014 - 2016


            In a scale 1 to 10 a give the Forest 2. Maintenance is ok. Location is ok but i saw many cars with broken windows in the morning. Entrance and exit gates are too old and the gates are out of service every other day. Office staff are very rude. All smiles until you sign the contract. After that good luck. Guest parking forget about that. Residents have friends living with them and 3 0r 4 cars. They use all the parking spaces and the management office know about this issue but don't do nothing to correct the problem.

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              prospectiveVisited 2015


              This is my very first apartment and the ladies in the office were very kind and helpful. Miss Diana I believe her name was helped me out with everything including choosing the best electric company and showing me how to avoid fees with the property. The apartments are quite yes there's chitter chatter here and there but what do you expect this is 1960. As long as you stay to yourself you should be fine. Haven't had any maintenance problems so I can't comment on that. My home was cleaned from top to bottom before I arrived. They spray for bed bugs which is a plus in my book. The gate is ALWAYS closed. I guess because I live towards the front I have no problems but I'm looking forward for a great year staying here(:

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                Resident 2013 - 2014


                Hope you like people blasting music at all hours of the day and fellow neighbors seemingly either being able to sleep through it otherwise not care. I've politely asked several neighbors on a few occasions if they could keep it down, because I really don't feel like hearing the local R&B station at 1 a.m. on a Wednesday, and there's a 50/50 chance of anything happening. Either they apologize and turn their music down, only to have it go right back up in another few weeks or so, or people try to play games and pretend it's not their apartment. Did I mention noise is apparently everyone's hobby here? "Oh what's that, it's midnight in the middle of a week? Welp, better sit in the back of my pickup and blast my Tejano music, while I stare off into the distance with a can of beer in hand. This is good living!" (can you sense the sarcasm here?) Staff is alright, but they sure take their sweet time with maintenance requests, particularly for troublesome issues like bugs and water pressure. They hilariously somehow try to justify having "reserved" parking which they charge people for, which is great - nothing like coming home… See More>
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                  Resident 2013


                  First of all I have been lied to sense day one of moving here, they promised many things that they did not fall through with. I have had an unbelievable amount of problems with the new management. They have refusen to give me a copy of my signed lease. They gave me a -------- --- falsified document with their NEW rules that legally shouldn't be applied to old tenants. The management is unbelievable. They are rude with a ------- chip on their shoulder all the time. They hang up on customers, they don't listen, or work with you, they yell etc. these apartments are full of roaches and bed bugs and mold etc. they never properly fix anything, they put a bandaide over the problem. They even try to make you pay for pest control. Clearly something an apartment company should take care of. When pest control does come, they make entry in your home without knocking. Sense I've moved in, parking has been an issue. The parking is ridiculous, there's no space for parking. They don't replace their carpet after every lease is up, it's nasty as hell. If I could turn back time, you could not PAY me… See More>
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                    Resident 2013


                    Been here for 5 months and I love my apartment! The staff is great and i havent had any issues, If i could improve one thing it would be the parking, other than that, great property inside and out!

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                      Resident 2012 - 2013


                      Office staff is horrible, very rude and unprofessional. They talk to you like they pay your damn rent. That fat black ----- with the bad weave job need to be fired immediately. Will not renew lease. I would rather live on Northborough then live here. Laundry room is always nasty and dirty. Machines barely work and take your money 96% of the time. Buildings are falling apart and so is the parking lot. Trash is scattered everywhere except in the dumpster. Aggressive dogs are excepted. My husband and I barely escaped being attacked. Loud music and neighbors. Tow company they hired will tow your car whether you live here or not. Roaches should be put on the lease because they live here too. This is the worse place to live. They need to hire new office staff, remodel and start over.

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                        Resident 2013


                        Very rude management after lease is up will be moving. And that one lady named diana is a pain to deal with.

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                          Resident 2012 - 2013


                          I have been living here with my boyfriend since March of 2012. We originally signed a seven month lease, and didn't have many issues. We did have some, but nothing severe. We loved management at that time. We were able to walk in, and talk to him about any issues that we had, and they were taken care of. For example: one holiday weekend, they had closed a little early on Friday, which was the 1st, they closed before I got off work, so we weren't able to pay the rent, until the following Monday. He worked with us, and everything was fine. So, anyway, we decided, since our lease was up so fast, and we didn't look for another place in time, we were going to sign a twelve month lease. Our work schedule is very busy; this was going to give us enough time. Soon after we signed the new lease, our bathtub was chipping, mold was growing in our bathroom, because the lady above us, her toilet was leaking in our bathroom, etc. This took months of calling and turning the order into their maintenance line for it to get fixed. I guess at some point the… See More>
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                            Resident 2011 - 2013


                            I love this place! Management is Great i miss the guy that was there as the manger before he will get things done but that seems to be the problem they change personnel a lot... but overall i love the property Not many amenities but overall the resident retention is great... the school bus is near the office and my kids are dropped off and picked up there! I recommend anyone to move here... put me down as a referral so i can get 500 dollars off... thats another great thing they do!

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                              prospectiveVisited 2013


                              Me and my husband WERE considering moving here from San Diego, CA cause my husband got accepted into the Houston Police Acad. The leasing agent was a moron. She told my husband that our lease from CA was "broken" and my husband explained that it was not broken because we still live there and that this was for a future move and she cant anticipate that we are planning on breaking our current lease. Then she proceded to tell my husband that the other obstacle that posed a "problem" was that I have a misdeamenor on my record that I recieved when I was 17 (I am 31 now). If the dummy would have dug a little deeper into her "investigation" she would have saw that I SERVED IN THE UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS FOR 10 HONORABLE YEARS AFTER that incident. Horrible customer service. Oh PS she said we have better credit than most of her tenants there. Needless to say we are gonna take our great credit and money else where. They need to learn how to handle customers.

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                                Resident 2005 - 2012


                                I've lived here since 2005 and I absolutely love it here! yes there are things that may happen every now and then, but where in Houston doesn't things happen??!! Overall, the management here has things under control. i've just signed my renewal 2 months ago and will continue. I wouldn't move any time soon unless I get a house.

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                                  Resident 2012


                                  Ive been here for over a year now, and i love this place, Management is great! office staff is friendly, and Maintance is awesome.... you might see negative comments about the property but im sure each person has a complain, maybe cause they cant pay rent lol, but overall i love this place, it gets better and better everytime... new manager seems to be kicking out all the unwanted people that make the property look bad.... i will definitely recommend this prices good move in special friendly staff.

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                                    Resident 2012



                                    I have lived here for not even 3 months yet and I cannot wait until my lease is up. first off, they started this new "pay $15 and you can reserve yourself a parking spot deal" because there is already not enough parking. so almost ALL of the parking spots are reserved. i am 6 months pregnant and have to walk all the way from the back of the apartments to my apartment because of all the reserved parking. my apartment is already falling apart. my door doesnt shut right, the lock doesnt work, the door handle in my bedroom is falling off, the hot water knob runs cold water and the cold water knob runs hot water, the drawers in the kitchen are falling off and to top it all off i had to call because my AC was leaking and my floor was wet. the maintenance has come 2 days in a row, said there was no leak, they banged on some stuff and said they fixed it. it is STILL leaking and now i have a HUGE crack in my wall leaking water all over my carpet. called and no one has showed up yet. then they… See More>
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                                      Resident 2012


                                      New Owner and Management

                                      Hey they are under new owner and new management! go and check them out and they are offering new specials!

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                                        Resident 2009 - 2010



                                        Moving in to the Forest Apartments was a big mistake. Ever since I have lived there there has been an ongoing issue with WATER appearing in my living room area. Every time it rained water would come in. I made multiple complaints and was told that they would get a contractor out to fix it and it never happened. I am moving to another apartment soon. If I had the money I would hire somebody to take a sample of the drywall. I am sure it is a sponge that soaked up the water. I have had multiple issue regarding this apartment but that is the main one that really bothered me. I am extremely excited that I found a new apartment! NOBODY should ever have to go through this crap.

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                                          Resident 2008 - 2009


                                          we moved from this apt. 6 months earlier..... the very first day...a/c wasnt working... it was the summer time... i was nearly boiled when i slept that night. next, like he said every morning, there will be some sewage coming out of your apt, people hangning around, teasing girls......... n the worst of it was what?? two of our friends got robbed at two different ocassions so before you get off your cars on the parking lot, one should always take a look around to see if no ones there......n about the maintenance, the very first day, our curtains got broke, refrigerator would make some bbig noises..... we made a complaints for nearly 4 months, its better to call your own man because they are never gonna fix it...

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                                            Resident 2004 - 2008


                                            It's much better now

                                            The Forest was a pretty bad place a couple of years ago until they finally got some security gaurds and kicked out the drug dealers that were causing the problems. Now, there is usually someone outside finding out who you are before you come in the gate. I don't know if the last review on here was about a recent problem they had or just from when they first moved in. They have changed managers about 10 times since I was here and I think they are usually just sitting in the office waiting for payday. There is a new manager now and I think she cares more about the place than the last one. The lights on the back fence finally got turned on and some of the walk areas are brighter now. The dryers in the laundry room that were out for over a year are working now. I was thinking about moving out at the end of my lease, but maybe I will wait and see if things continue to improve

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                                              Resident 2007 - 2008


                                              DO not move here

                                              when i first moved here, the celing fell off the first day, and wasnt fixed untill after 4 momths, there was leakage averywhere,open sockets.These apartments are so disgusting for humanity to live there, people are always in the parking lot drinking all the time.The maintanace dont fix anything .They have a poor drainage system, cheap carpeting, that breeds all kinds of bugs...its HELL!!!!The laundry room is the filthiest place you could ever imagine, not that the dryers or washers work.All they want is your money, the management, do not care about their residents, they are the rudest people ive ever met, one of them once me why i couldnt fix the drainage problem myself...its that me

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                                                Resident 2007


                                                Great So Far!

                                                I recently moved into the Forest and I've had a great experience. The rent is very reasonable for the location and the floor plans are bigger than I expected. The office staff is nice, too. Lee is great! If you want a nice apartment for a great price, move into the Forest. I'm glad I did and I plan to stay here for as long as I can.

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                                                  Resident 2006


                                                  Former Office Worker

                                                  Ok I could go on and list everything wrong with these apartments, but then I would probably run out of space. Just for beginners they charge you for EVERYTHING! They charge you when you move in for a gate key (for walk in gate and drive thru gate) They don't care about their residents. I had one family who had a huge gaping hole in thier ceiling the WHOLE TIME I WORKED THERE! And the investment company who owns them would just send enough funds to ready new apartments, not make repairs to those who needed them. Just say no to CNC investments. Any property owned by them they are very chinchy and will only repair things close to the beginning of the month (if they repair it at all) when they want their money. JUST SAY NO! Go to cinamon square or the one across the street not this property.

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                                                    Asked on: 03/19/2018
                                                    Q: Are there surveillance cameras on site?

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                                                    Based on 27 number of votes by renters, Forest Apartments is currently rated 2.5 out of 5 stars.
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                                                    Dogs Allowed
                                                    Deposit: Required
                                                    Weight Limit: 25lbs
                                                    Restrictions: Breed restrictions apply.
                                                    1 Bed, 1 Bath
                                                    2 Beds, 2 Baths
                                                    Studio, 1.5 Baths

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                                                    Forest Apartments is an apartment in Houston in zip code 77073. This community has a 1 - 2 Beds, 1 - 2 Baths, and is for rent for $1,113. Nearby cities include Bellaire, Stafford, Galena Park, Sugar Land, and Missouri City.

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