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Fountains of Westchase



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bme993 • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/10/2007
I just moved out of this complex where I lived for a year and half. I liked it at first... until the management changed. My dishwasher was broken from November 05-May 06. I repeatedly asked them to fix it but it took forever for them to do so. My unit itself wasn't too bad. There were parties constantly and sometimes the noise was so loud I couldn't even talk on the phone or watch tv and forget sleeping. I was always hearing gun shots at night-several seemed to come from the parking lot outside my window. Myself along with several of my neighbors were beaten, raped, stabbed, and mugged. There are plenty of shady people walking around wearing doo-rags, grills and have thier pants down around their ankles. Some of the women I see walking around at night look like hookers-breasts hanging out and barely anything covering their backend. People kept peeing in the fitness center so I stopped using it. For a while the A/C didn't work in there in the MIDDLE OF SUMMER and the lock to it was broke so anybody could just come in there and it took several months for them to fix it even though several people complained. I have lived in several complexes and this one was the worst. It's really sad when a complex has to post big signs all over the place on the first of the month to remind people to pay their rent. I have a million reasons why I left but the biggest was safety- that complex was NOT safe. Even with the new safety patrols things were still happening. They installed lighting in the parking lot because they HAD to, not because they wanted to. I had some incidents I had to report to the police and the detective even said he wouldn't live there... he said they are called out to the complex or one of the ones around it DAILY for some kind of crimal activity!!!
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Fountains of Westchase

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