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Gables Metropolitan Uptown

3300 Sage Rd

Houston, TX 77056



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Gablessucks2012 • Resident 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/23/2012
We have lived there for two years. When we first visited the property, the management team seemed polite and warm. However, they cheating on us about their great benefit including they pay you 20% towards your closing cost when you buy house and you can get rid of the lease by only paying them two month rent as the only cost. All these are untrue. They will not pay you 20% towards your closing cost when you buy house and they will charge you thousands more than the two month rent when you try to move out before lease end. They will blame you break their wall, door, window, kitchen, carpet, essentially everything they can think and bill you thousands of dollars for it. Do not trust anyone from this property or Gables when they tell you about these kind of benefit. They also increased >20% of rent after the first year lease to us. We are happy we moved out now and you need to fight with them for any unfair charge they put on you when you move out. Good luck to all our great neighbors who still live there and to all those who will move in
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Gables Metropolitan Uptown

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