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Huntington Green Apartments



Resident · 2013
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Office Staff
Stayed here for a year to get good rental history but boy was that a huge mistake. I work hard and long hours to make life as good as possible for my daughter and I only to have some scum from these apartments to break in thru my child's window and steal from us. Luckily we weren't home which the robber knew because they were watching me at 4am leaving for work smh. No telling who else was in there the door was open because management said they couldnt close it THANKS DUMBA$$E$ most dumb rule ever real didn't even call the cops for me had to wait til my late shift was over to do it myself. Besides that all the bugs in the book I have had to search for and kill every night in my BED roaches spiders grasshoppers ect. Creepy ones I have know idea what the name. Loud music from neighbors people talking and smoking outside your window in the middle of the night guess I didn't need sleep. Just dont come here unless you like the problems.
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Huntington Green Apartments

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