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Lakeside Place Apartments

201 Wilcrest Dr

Houston, TX 77042



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Office Staff
xQueenBeex • Resident 2004 - 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/16/2005
Okay Im going to try to sum up everything I have to say without writing a novel. Chose this apartment because they let me name the price I wanted to pay for the apartments and it was a huge floorplan. I knew the apartments were old, but when you are in school and working all the time you have to deal. Neighbors are loud and ------ with people coming in and out at all hours of the night and all kinds of thugs hanging from the balconies smoking pot and doing drugs as little kids run around. I do NOT feel safe and when I would come home late, I would have to call my boyfriend so he could meet me at the car and walk me to the apartment. When we would put our trash out, our neighbor would be looking through our trash and going through our trash and taking stuff out of it. PURE ------. TWICE we saw the coroner's office at the apartments, that's a little freaky. Our air conditioner went out (it literally like blew up) during the summer (HOT NASTY SUMMERS IN HOUSTON) they made us wait two days before they came to fix it. And it took them another two days to fix it. The construction is so poor that we can hear our neighbors do EVERYTHING. I thought it was just because they were both super huge but I guess reading the other reviews its because of the poor construction. Also we have to keep our air on very cold because of the poor construction (all the air seeps through the cracks in the doors/windows). Once we opened the closet door and there was a fury thing growing out of the wall. The office staff is the MOST imcompetent staff you will ever meet. They are all complete -------. And not to mention they NEVER answer the phone. When I call for a maintenance issue I have to call six to seven times in a row before they will answer. We got the floorplan without washer and dryer connections so had to use the apartment laundry site. Was that a joke or what. None of them ever worked and one load of wash took TWO dryers to dry the clothes, what the heck is that about? We are still in our lease but couldn't stand to bear it living here we rented another apartment that is twice what Lakeside was charging us and are just waiting to finish out the lease because Lakeside wouldn't under any circumstances we told them let us move out. We told them safety was the main concern because of the constant letters on our doors about robberies and twice seeing the coroners office. But they didnt care. When I would call to see how much rent was going to be for the following month (because we dont actively live there and didnt get our water bill all the time) they would "pull the file" but it was never the same when I called. When I called to see if I could get out of our lease, one person told me I just had to pay two months rent to get out. When I put this all in the letter attached with a check for two months rent they looked at me like I was -------- and the person who SAID they said that somehow forgot she did and completely denied everything. I CANNOT EXPRESS IN WORDS HOW INCOMPETENT THE STAFF IS. It is absolutely unreal.<br><br>Sorry this got so long but I just want future prospective residents to be aware and not get stuck like we did. There are way to many apartments in houston for anyone to live at this one.
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Lakeside Place Apartments

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