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Office Staff
Resident 2003 - 2005 Recommended
Reviewed 07/31/2005
I've posted earlier and have decided it's time to move. I guess considering the area this place is about on par with most complexes that were built around the same time. However, if one constantly has to watch where they walk, including sidewalks, because there is dog poop everywhere- it gets annoying. I've had good experiences with the people who work in the office but the manager is not hands on. Not really proactive or on top of things in my opinion. The place is starting to show its age and when you factor in how much your ac cost- it pays to move to a first floor flat.<br>It's become a little noisier in the last few months and I've noticed less people in their late 20's/30's onward and younger people moving in who don't seem to have as much consideration for noise levels. Most of the time I've lived here it has felt like home. Now it feels like I am living in an apartment surrounded by strangers. I guess that is part of apartment living. Anyway, time to move on and find a newer complex and perhaps a place where people clean up their dog crap but I suspect that lazy people tend to abide everywhere and will not clean up unless there are repercussions. One lives in hope of such a place. I suspect that involves home ownership though or a rental that cost as much as a mortgage payment ;)
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