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Live Oak



Resident · 2010 - 2011
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Office Staff
I lived at the complex for about a year. things started out good, then the little prejudice lying manger cleo does not keep up the place at all. the apts have constant problems. ex: bugs in the apt scabbies, bedbugs tree bugs, roaches) they have exterminators come out often but the spray doesnt seem to affect them they keep coming. they are lyers when they tell you that theyll get something fixed on your request.... they dont normally fix things but if they do they half --- it poorly. the only real good thing is that the complex is hiddenin a secluded area not many people know about. it is quiet no thugs or anything like that but its little mexico there seriously it is. they make it seem like theyll work with you on rent if you have issues but they dont mean it theyll walk up to your door and place reports. like lady MAKE UP YOUR ------- MIND! I hate that fatass midget shes a ----. talk about rude! they claim they have police patrol the complex area.... they do not! so if your car gets vandalised theyre gonna tell you that theres nothing they can do. oh and when the neighbor has their friends come over on the weekend they take up everybodys parking spots which makes you have to walk a ways to get yo your apt. they dont care and the management wont do a damn thing about it. I had a drunk neighbor try to fight me out in the parking lot at night one weekend and i had my baby boy in my arms and my wife right there too guess what.... the management didnt do anything to help. they told us it was also our fault that the apts had bugs...MY ------- --- -----! If I were you I wouldnt even think about moving there again. About the dog policy they "say" no pets but so many people have them i had one i never paid for same with alot of other neighbors haha take that management.. im not paying for my pet to live here -------s. they did get onto some people about having them but people of there kind like hisp and latino, mexican didnt have to pay and the apts also knew about it they didnt say anything. PREJUDICE and RACIST
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Live Oak

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