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Live Oak



Resident · 2009 - 2014
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I have lived here for 5yrs and the new management are dishonest argumentative and deceitful. We were told the sliding doors (which are your front doors in the 1 bedrms) would be replaced by French doors of which lock properly, this did not happen. As a matter of fact they are no longer replacing all at no charge you must pay or when your lease is up they up your rent $75 or you sign a new lease and are charged $200. They have even suddenly said your lease will not be renewed due to construction. Never consistant. It's a mess what ---- (Mngr) is doing. Time and time again our water is disconnected at random and notes are not given. Bugs a rampid on the property, of which management has never notified tenants about bedbugs. This month has probably been the worst as it has been 18 to 20 degrees and the gas generator that services the heat to all the apts has not worked properly. The maintenance men they have working on the property do not complete work orders and often do not leave work orders to let you know what they have fixed. As I complained numerous times in the last month about the heating in my apt not working properly management argued they completed the job so filed a complaint with HAA & City of Houston at the request of Channel 13. Funny but as soon as I made the complaint the next day my heater was repaired. As a tenant we shouldn't have to go to such great lengths to get something done. I am not the only tenant to complain about improperly working equipment and items in the apts. IE (stove, water in the shower runs cold rather than hot (sounds like a heater problem) electrical wiring in light fixtures, carpeting not padded properly. Make note many of the apts that current management have moved in 1bdrms have 3 to 4 people living in them. Management is more concerned with idol gossip about dogs deficating on property rather than fixing problems you will receive more notes about getting an up charge on your rent if dog is reported (no proof) rather than a note on your door repairs or water being shut off. Of which the construction crew has damaged numerous times. Many of the great paying quiet tenants have all but left. Which is shameful because this could be a great place to live with al the conveniences the area has to offer. Not while this manager is here it looks and feels disgusting. When you opt to pay for cheap construction all you get is cheap cosmetic repairs done. Walk the property before you move in come and talk to tenants as they arrive home for work or as they leave in the morning. I promise you until they get rid of this management things will remain the same. HALF ASKED! Good Luck!
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Live Oak

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