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Live Oak



Resident · 2011 - 2014
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Office Staff
I have lived here for many many years and I have to say...... Not to bad :-) Things have turned around DRAMATICALLY for the better since I had first moved in here. We just most recently received new corporate property owners and a complete new office staff and they are over hauling everything and making the property a better more "Homelike" environment to reside at. The staff is a lot more professional and understanding of all situations that happen in our community and act promptly and as fast as possible to help correct anything the residents have discrepancies with. And they do there best to do it correctly and in a timely manner. Just like anywhere you move to in the WORLD there are PROS and CONS and I will do my best to help point a few out for future residents. Parking: The parking lot is adequate enough for each resident to park in front of or at least extremely close to your own Apartment which personally makes me feel safer knowing that my truck is right out my front door. And they do offer covered car parking spots as well. ..... Now with that said we live in a very 'Corporate Business' area of the energy corridor and it gets VERY DARK very quick and even thought each building has exterior lighting it just isn't enough to feel safe at night or in inclimate weather. My suggestion more lighting or at least brighter HID or LED light replacements. Currently There is construction going on to fix and repair the potholes and neglected driveways that the prior management left unfixed. Noise: During the summer months it can get a little bit "festive" and most people are respectful of there neighbors and the quiet time About 97 percent of the time. But if it get out of control making a formal complaint and calling local Law enforcement is the BEST and CORRECT way to handle those situation. Every time I have informed the management they have been very quick to rectify the complaint. Other than that its very quiet and peaceful. Grounds: We have professional landscapers who come each week to maintain the property and come rain sleet snow hail or 120 degree heat they are like clockwork. and my only real complaint is there are a lot of empty patches of dirt near walkways and under some of the stair cases all around the property that would look SOOO much better with some bright colorful flowers like they have by the office or at least some Healthy(green) shrubbery or bushes. Just bring back a little nature ;-) .... Now with that said we are also a pet friendly community as well, and some of the pet owners don't pick up there animals waste droppings. Before it use to be like walking through a mine field but just recently the new management heard the community complaint and installed Animal waste receptacles in designated areas on the property(( THANK GOD )) and the situation has shown dramatic improvement. Its nice to see the kids playing in the grass and running around with confidence that the aren't gonna come home with 'Dog business' on there shoes. Safety: We are an open (non-gated) community that is going through a major overhaul with repairs and construction. Neighbors are very watchful and caring and we do live in a more better part of Houston but unfortunately crime happens everywhere you will go. Currently we do not have an on site security guard who patrols the complex But we have very watchful and vigilant(nosey)positive members of our community who are Military, first responders (EMT/Fire) and Law enforcement officers with experience and training. And we have Local Uniformed Houston Police who keep a watchful eye on our area. Golden Rule : "IF YOU SEE SOMETHING , SAY SOMETHING" The apartments have updated locks and secure latches on all doors and windows to help keep you safe and good thick heavy front doors for added protection. Construction: with the prior management they literally just kinda let things go and there have been many complaints in the past. Nothing against the old managers they were both very nice ladies but ever since we received the NEW management FROM DAY ONE (literally is was almost overnight) we heard the buzzing of saws and that loud (annoying) smacking of the hammers and were all informed that the entire complex was finally getting a much needed and deserving facelift. SO currently everyday there are changes and improvements being made all over the complex from new fresh strong wood replacing the old rotted wood and new exterior paints and patio redesigning making it look more of Newer and safer property..... Now with that being said i would like to humbly suggest (because remember Rome wasn't built in a day) that there be a better system of possibly notifying the tenants when there specific building will be getting worked on (from X date till X date) so that they can be more aware of the construction workers being in there area. The new remodeling of the interior of the apartments is GORGEOUS. With the beautiful state of the art designing and all completely upgraded appliances they have really put some serious thought and effort into the consideration of the new upgraded units. Everything from the floors doors windows and even the ceilings. New carpeting so soft that it makes you want to lay down on a take a nap and very nice clean flooring that makes for easy clean up of spills and almost zero maintenance just a good ol sweep and mop now and then. Maintenance: We have some very dedicated and hard working team of maintenance men who are TOO over worked. they are very professional and knowledgeable and will even show up After hours in a very impressive timely manner for emergency issues. It might be hard to catch one of these guys because they are always on the move trying to better the community but if you contact the office managers they will be more than happy to write up a work order to have them go directly to you at the most available time possible. Staff: Well as well said up above we recently just got 2 new leasing office managers. They are both very detailed and professional thoughtful ladies who deal with every single complaint and discrepancy in a very timely manner and take their position very seriously. I have heard many untrue and negative things said about these hard working young ladies and I have to say I, nor any tenant that i know, have ever had any account of unprofessionalism rudeness or even lack of compassion when speaking with either one of them. They are honest direct and are very dedicated to making life easier of all of us here and are always willing to try and fix things quickly and efficiently as possible. To be honest its nice to have professionals in charge who actually know what the heck they are doing . The last 2 office managers were both very sweet ladies but they are better off where ever they are now. This place is no longer a train wreck. Overall: I would recommend this community to anyone and i would (yes) advise them to come and tour the property and see all of the improvements being done as the office managers are both very educated and knowledgeable about everything going on and can better describe to you the "BIG PICTURE" of the rebuild. We are centrally located in a great semi hidden away area with the comforts of not being directly in the hustle and bustle of the big city life but having all the comforts and amenities of the (walking distance) grocery stores, fast food places, restaurants, 3 Banks, Mechanic shops and did I mention the 4 schools across the street??? Oh yeah there are 4 schools across the street literally (you can hear the high school band playing from your patio)...Also a Police station and Fire station less then a few blocks away on top of having multiple hospital and even veterinarian clinics all in walking distance of your front door. This is home for me. And I hope to see you soon new neighbor :-)
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Live Oak

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