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Live Oak



Resident · 2018 - 2019
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Office Staff
Great apartments! I love that they are quiet and neighbors are friendly. The manager Maricella on the other hand absolutely the most rude manager I have ever met. She has been rude to my mom, both of my sisters, and a family member that came to visit. I was talking to her about an issue and my sister was with me and she kicked her out of the office because "she wasn't a lease holder". Anyway, the issue that I am having is that my mom went out of the country on a family emergency and she left me her dogs. I am now being evicted because of the dogs. I asked her to let me pay the fee and give me one day to find a place to put the dogs and she refused. A couple months before that I had a family member visiting from another country and she gave me a letter stating that they can't stay here unless I put them on the lease! WTF?! They are visiting me not trying to live there! So if you move here don't expect to be allowed to have friends and family over, don't expect a civil attitude from Maricella (She has always been rude to ALL of my family and I), expect complaints for having your kids, nephews and nieces over, and don't expect them to fix any maintenance issues quickly. I still have my A/C broken after 2 months of contacting them every 3 days. You can expect for them to put lease violations, and complaints at your door like there's no tomorrow!
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Live Oak

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