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12101 Fondren Rd, Houston, TX 77035
12101 Fondren Rd, Houston, TX 77035

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Ludren Park Apartments



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Resident 2000 - 2018 Not Recommended

Updated 09/25/2018

Reviewed 12/13/2015

Foundation is horrible. There's a bad mold and roach problem. And The manager is basically running a cartel. She is pure EVIL. She does drugs, her sons and "security guards" sell drugs. The staff and security are all her family or friends. They are VERY DISRESPECTFUL! They walk around with guns and most of them recently got out of jail for long sentences. They curse you out, talk crazy to you and if you say anything, they'll have a notice on your door the next day. I've watched the manager walk around with a gun. She's even pulled her gun out on minors! She is not fit to run an apartment and her manager Michael needs to be fired too because THEY ARE HAVING SEX and doing drugs together. She needs to be jailed. Especially for fraud because she takes people money. Have her security go in peoples apartment and take whatever they want. And even basically give apartments away to her "friends". She gave one tenant a lease with no name and rent was $100. She takes money under the table. She'll even tell you, you don't have to pay your late charges and all of a sudden you're getting kicked out for late charges. SHE IS THE ----- HERSELF AND I ADVISE NO ONE TO MOVE THERE. And NEVER do business with the evil Danielle Muse!!
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Ludren Park Apartments

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