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Memorial Heights Villages



Resident · 2017 - 2018
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Office Staff
It can't with current staff including Adrianna Renee and Anna and the white skinny guy that looks like Harry Potter. They abused and harassed my Autistic son every time he went to pick up his mail from the leasing office. After knowing about his disability witnessed by Adrianna in government official mail. Federal Lawsuit underway for bribing personal application of lease and refusing corporate requirement also by leasing agent Adriana. We want justice and justice for all. This is not equal housing when the city police are not allowed to carry federal law in a privatized property while crime is being committed inside the building for almost 1000 residents who all have been taken advantage of. The corporation at fault for keeping these indiviuals on Pay roll have flaws that are hurting current resident 1 by 1 while those wanna be workers who LIVE in the SAME complex. ( Illegal and unethical ) for businesses in the United States of America. Son is still fighting in coma after their cheap labored private Mexican staff underqulified to touch a US citizen pushed my son off the 3rd floor and stole his and his business partners life savings including wife and children's private information where they are living fearing for her life. Social security numbers have been used with Ids. All calls were recorded Anna Adriana and your emails to me sending my sons pictures (when I don't have any affialation on your lease contract, You will lose your job, rethink what you did and start searching. We are not letting you abuse disabled adults with your own personal issues at work. Anna your resident and lease agent working at memorial heights villages 225 south heights Blvd Houston Tx 77007. We have you recorded lying to my son the resident "saying don't worry about packing this Friday you have all Monday", Monday morning, they stole his belongings and handed it out to undocumented workers. If these 3/4 petty slacking individuals in who feel overempowered feeding off hurricane Harvey victim compensations and rebuilding using those funds that were meant for ACTUAL individuals and businesses. We don't need a class action suit for this. 1 inspection is all that's needed. Get ready to lose many many false endorsements. sick workers who "believe" they own the building.
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