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5514 Griggs Road, Houston, TX 77021
5514 Griggs Road, Houston, TX 77021

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METRO 5514

5514 Griggs Road

Houston, TX 77021



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Irene_K • Resident 2020 Not Recommended

Reviewed 02/20/2020

I would give this zero stars if I could. I am experiencing the same thing as other bad reviewers. Make sure you take a picture of ALL of the bad conditions of their apartment when you move in. I did not do this as thoroughly as I should have and now they're charging me $100 for the small bent of the blinds that as you can see are very low quality material. We never play with the blinds and keep it at the same position. We didn't even notice this small bent. Apparently, it's not wear and tear enough. I'm attaching photos they sent me to this review. You can see how it's made out of cheap plastic. They charge us again for shampooing even though we already hired a professional cleaning service up to standard when we moved out. I was raised to be courteous and respectful. The condition it says in their contract was to leave it as clean as we received it. Apparently, they have some magical cleaning carpet company to do this so you should not bother. I shouldn't have tried to accomodate. They charge us again for water bill and claimed it was back tracked. This does not make sense. All of our monthly water bill has always been consistent and we pay for the month we used. Now, they're charging us for almost double the amount we usually pay for ... sewer/ water? Two charges at that. Just so you know, water shut down in this place can happen SEVERAL TIMES a month. The place I live in right now is much nicer and luxurious, more cost in rent but very less in all these weird bills. We have went to their office asking for gate card replacement when they first introduced it and it cost $25, now in their contract it says $50. The lights outside of our apartment always goes out. They keep flickering like a horror movie. Even when we asked them to fix it, it always goes back either dead or flickering. Seriously. All of the reviews saying it's a bad area, gate is often broken, security was not of any help because there was so many crime that happens, and actually a murder that happened just outside of my building, and rude management, it is all TRUE. Why did I move in here then? Cost effectiveness and it was the closest to UH Purple rail. We were UH undergraduates paying our own rent at the time and close proximatopn to school was priority. My advice to you if you decide to move in here anyway is DOCUMENT EVERYTHING, and BE STRICT ON THEM. We have always been lenient and understanding of their average to poor quality and facility, we understand the rude management too, because hey, you get what you paid for right? I wouldn't expect 5 star treatment when it's comparatively cheaper in what I pay. But, apparently, they expect their tenant to deliver to their 5 star requirements. You can judge what you will from my review, but I just want to share this so it won't happen to you. I thought the other tenant's experience must have been because they are non-compliant. For two years of being compliant tenant, this is what you get. They are going to be VERY STRICT on you. And watch out for all of the ways they can charge you extra when you move out. Don't believe me still? Keep scrolling down to the older yet LONG and THOROUGH complaints from their reviews. They all say the same thing as I am saying. Please, please consider somewhere else. It's not worth the cost saving on what we endured and what they're treating us now. Pay a little more that treats you better. Right now, I'm still trying to settle this outrageous and unfair bill they're trying to charge us on top of keeping all of our deposit. But seeing how they treat their tenants, I'm not expecting much. But mark my words, if they keep this up, this place will pay the price back one way or another.
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METRO 5514 Manager02/21/2020

Irene, Thank you for taking the time to share your concerns. We appreciate your feedback, though we wish it were to share a more positive experience with us. As you are aware, the return of the deposit is based on the condition the apartment is left in. When we walk move out units, we always take pictures of anything that could be charged to a residents account. We have the standard blinds which are plastic and can break. Breaking blinds are not normal wear and tear. We do charge for shampooing the carpet at move out if it was not cleaned by the resident. As stated in your move out instructions " a copy of the cleaning receipt must be provided to the office as proof of this cleaning to avoid the basic cleaning charge". We did not receive a copy of any receipt on your carpet cleaning. Gate cards charges have always been $50, I believe you were provided documentation with your signature acknowledging the charge. The water bills are back dated and each time bills are sent out they reflect the dates of charges. We are in the process of replacing all building lights on the community. Our team strives to provide excellent customer service, and always respond quickly and efficiently when maintenance issues arise. We sincerely apologize if you feel this does not match up with your perspective. If you are still unsure on anything, I would like to personally invite you into the office to speak with me, the community manager. If you are not able to come to the office, I am always available by phone, or e-mail if that works better for you. (713) 847-8303- [email protected]

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METRO 5514

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