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Monarch Medical Center Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2012 Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2012
The apartment complex overall is very well kept. Maintenance comes in a timely manner to fix things. Some requests get taken care of in a more light heart manner, such as replacing things. The problem I have is with the grounds keepers. They used to come in the morning as I was leaving for work, and when I would return home in the evenings everything looked beautiful. I was able to take my nap after a long day and just relax. Now, they come around in the evenings. When I get home at 5pm it looks like they have just begun or are half way done with their work. It's quit displeasing as Im tired at the end of the day and do NOT prefer to have a weed whacker and leaf blower making loud noise right outside my door. Most of the staff is nice while only a few are competent. But they each try to help you as much as possible...whatever thats worth. Parking is usually easy to find. It's not very well lit at night although I haven't had any problems with safety. Occasionally the water doesn't work. Usually in the evenings, about 2 to 3 times a month, the water will run brown for at least a few hours. Electricity bills are fairly low, at least for me (about $70) and the water bill is always somewhere around $45 (this includes sewage and waste). The rates def go up after you renew your lease so keep that in mind. Overall it's a great and affordable place compared to the apartments in the surrounding area. I'm also a student (year round); I really like to get some time to relax and have peace in the evenings. Thats why it bothers me about them maintaining the grounds in the evenings. It seems like it would make more sense if it were done sometime in the mornings like around 9am...Most people are not home then...ijs
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Monarch Medical Center Apartments

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