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North Park Crossing Apartments



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/28/2007
There are two girls I kinda like at the main office, the rest I do not know face to face but they are ridiculous to deal with. <br><br>We keep getting notices on our front door in front of the world to see about how much I owe for the water bill. I called and they said that's the only way they can tell me how much I owe. We complained in person later and they said you are supposed to get a blue card with postage and everything delivered to your mailbox. We've lived here for 7 months and after much throat drying bitching did we get my first card today. <br><br>There was a day (42 hours) where we woke up with no hot water and everyone called and complained. Supposedly a pipe burst and they just fixed it an hour ago . The next morning (4 am) I call and ask again the call center says I am th only one to complain about it that morning and nothing will be done till another person complains. When I asked the office again about the reason they said kids played with the pipes and turned them off (the closet is right in front of our porch btw and it ought to be locked if it isn't already?). Later that morning maintenance was there working on it.<br><br>Parking is a nightmare, it's first come first serve and never ever park in front of an open space between buildings because kids will throw basketballs at it and then claim "Don't worry it's my moma's car". Your car will be towed if your stickers aren't up to date but that's for legal reasons and not necessarily the apartment's fault - it's actually a measure against car theft and abandonment. Don't be surprised to wake up one rainy morning and find the entire windshield wiper arm ripped off your car either.. and needles all over the ground.<br><br>The townhouse we got was a good deal for the price as it included a full size washer and dryer... just made sure we noted everything that was wrong on the deposit insurance sheet. And believe me, it is worth waiting to pick your mail key up after 10 days to fully know what is wrong with the place, if you don't mark it down you will get charged for it on your deposit. Maintenance is lazy very lazy. Our washing machine moves by itself up to 95 degrees and ripped all the tiles off in the closet (Did I mention you have no closet space if you rent anything smaller than the largest one bedroom?) First time they fixed it was hardly put back into place and ripped more tile, next time it was fixed it still moved but thankfully I am able to push it back or the time being.<br><br>Oh, and the kids are more noisy than a ------------. Both my boyfriend and I work the night shift and during the day when we sleep the kids jump up and down on the ACs and the trees and bang their basket balls all over the walls. Totally out of control for an apartment complex that was meant to be housing mostly students. <br><br>Outside is very dark at night and around 10 pm when I went to get the mail I had to worry about some weirdo asking me if I had a car and keeping up with my pace. Total nightmare for single girls with time issues.<br><br>That's all I an think of for now.. but will add more later if something else comes up.<br><br>This is no Southside apartments but you get what you pay for.
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North Park Crossing Apartments

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