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Northbrooke Apartment Homes



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
I have read some of the other reviews and frankly I am confused. I am a resident here and I have had a totally different experience during my time here. The management are some of the nicest people around. The grounds are beautiful and the apartments are very well kept. Whenever there is a problem with break downs in the apartments maintenance is defintely on top of it. Sure some people have had their apartments broken into but I believe residents have a responsiblity to monitor the people they allow to come into their apartment for a lot of the break-ins they complain about are probably due to undesirables that they allow to scope out their apartments. Management is constantly upgrading the grounds. The office staff are very nice people and can only do so much. If we as residents want our community to remain safe, we too have a responsibility to protect ourselves, such as reporting unusual occurrences that we see, and informing management when undesirables are on the premises. We cannot sit back and complain about break-ins etc.. and don't report things that we know could cause a problem.<br>Management cannot fix something they don't know about, therefore we need to be watchful and assist when we can. Most of us have the see nothing, do nothing mentality until it happens to us but if we are on guard all the time, and report unusual occurrences all the time, our community will continue to be the best.<br><br>I am not saying that Northbrooke is the perfect complex but it is way above 80% of the complexes I have lived in and by far the safest.<br><br>Let start the new year out by being helpful neighbors, watchful neighbors, and caring neighbors. Lets help each other keep our grounds safe, and if we do this management wont' have to say they are the best, we can force them to be the Best.<br>Any complex is only as good as its tenants. <br>So all of you new people that are asking about Northbrooke....please know this: Northbrooke is one of the Best Apartment Homes in the Houston, TX area and you will DEFINITELY ENJOY YOUR STAY HERE!!!!!
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Northbrooke Apartment Homes

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