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Nottingham Village Apartments

14250 Kimberley Lane

Houston, TX 77079



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Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/01/2007
We moved there in November of 2006 and we received one month free, but we had too pay half a months rent upon move in and then half a months rent on the second month. We paid 450.00 dollars in November and 450.00 in December. I called january 3rd to say I would be in on January 4th to pay my rent and I was advised that they had filed eviction on me for non payment of rent for November and that my December rent went to pay November and then they evicted me for not paying Decembers rent. I provided proof in a certified copy of the money order for Novembers rent,with the properties stamp on the back of the cancelled money order, but they said it was not in there computer records and that meant I never paid the first half of the rent, so that meant that I WAS ALLOWED TO MOVE IN FOR FREE. I kept trying to contact the Constable who was suppose to serve me my papers,as I wanted my day in court, but she never responded to me. Then on the 21st of January I received a letter from the court stating that I failed to appear on the 19th of January in court, so the apartments won. The deputy stated that she tried to deliever the papers two times during the day, but I am home during the day since I work nights...she never tried and then she said that she taped them to the door...another lie. Therefore I was in default and I was advised in a letter from the court that I had 5 days to vacate or they were going to have the constables office move me out, and they did try, but I moved out before they could move me. This place is run by a whole pack of thieves. I attempted to move here once before and we moved somewhere else instead, when I tried to obtain my deposit check it had been stolen by an employee, her name added and cashed...she is now awaiting trial for embezzlement. It took me 6 weeks to finally get my money back, and only after I had to jump through hoops with the management company, Mikob Properties, on Katy Freeway. I now am sueing them so that I can have the unjust eviction removed from my credit report and dispose of the enormous amount of money they say is owed. I lived there for 3 months and it was the longest three months of my life...Don't you do it too. If for some reason you are forced to move here, please make copies of any monies provided to these people and have them sign the copy or get a receipt, or they will claim you never paid and evict you unjustly...just like they did to me and my family. Tina the manager is a yes person for corporate management, Joel, whatever he is, is suppose to be the intimidator, but he is a joke, to say the least. Beverly is the bookkeeper, but I don't think that she can even count much less call herself a bookkeeper. This place is dangerous, rundown and run by nothing but thieves, from the corporate level to the property level. You have my prayers and blessings if you are forced to live in this place. This property is owned by a company out of state and is fee managed by Mikob Properties. The owners and management company care about nothing but your money, the raw sewage in the parking lot is proof of that.
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Nottingham Village Apartments

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