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Nottingham Village Apartments



Resident · 2011 - 2015
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Office Staff
I love the inside of my apartment but this water situation is crazy. They turn the water off ALL THE DAMN TIME! I don't know about you but I need water. I expect water when I turn on a faucet! Every time the water is turned back on, rust and sediment trickle out of the faucets. Rust has ruined several loads of my laundry before I realized what was happening. The front of the complex looks great from the street but if you drive inside the complex and look at the parking areas, it looks like war torn Beirut! The office staff are amateurs. The property manager doesn't give a ---- about anyone living here. He just wants your money. The security guard is useless. It's hilarious to see him drive around in the "complex police mobile". This place sucks! If I had the money to move, I'd break my lease right this minute. Don't live here. It's not worth the aggravation! Update as of July - 2015....These apartment managers have implemented a bogus parking rule that no one can park backwards in their parking spot (even if it's a parking spot that is rented!). I woke up to find my car missing. I thought it had been stolen. The police called me back within minutes to tell me that my car had been towed! It cost me $250 to get my car out of a damn ------ storage lot. Since then, I've seen numerous automobiles parked backwards and these autos have never been towed. I am so completely pissed off. This will be my last lease with Nottingham Village. I am a great tenant. I am quiet. I am clean and I pay my bills on time. These management "professionals" don't care. So if anyone hears of a great place to live, please let me know because I'M OUTTA HERE!
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Nottingham Village Apartments

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