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Nottingham Village Apartments



Resident · 2012 - 2013
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I have lived here for a year now and would like to give my personal pros and cons. Pros: I really like the area. I LOVE living across from Nottingham Park. The splash park is one of the best in West Houston. They have a great trail, playground and fitness park. I love being in a neighborhood. I have townhouses behind me, Houses on the other side and more apartments. The businesses are all on memorial. We are super close to Elementary schools, middle and high schools. I feel like I am in a real little community which makes me feel safe. I do like most of my neighbors. Most people are friendly and willing to smile and have polite conversation or more. I really like the new Cares Program which is being put into place for neighbors to get to know each other better. AWESOME IDEA and the leaders are doing so much and I really appreciate their efforts. I like that because they are bigger units we have more families that are in my same situation, not quite ready for a house but can't afford a luxury apartment. I like having good family friendly neighbors. I do like the look of my apartment since I am in a remodeled townhouse I think it is pleasing to look at and enjoy some of the updated features. I do like our friendly patience men. I feel like they give it to me straight when otherwise don't. They always are friendly and notice when I have other issues that need to be take care of. I like my large patio. Disappointed that I cannot invite friends over to swim but glad that they monitor who comes in and out. Cons: Amenities: We have a pool and that is all. I think it is beautiful and love playing in it. When I moved in a year ago I specifically asked about the pool being open and was told it was year round. And it was, until this season! I remember seeing people in the pool on a warm day during the early months and then it was closed just as it was getting warm and closed till June. Due to a permit I believe? I was REALLY disappointed when I was not given any notices that our pool was only going to be open from Memorial Day to Labor Day this year. My thoughts are we live in Houston.You can swim for at least six months of the year and even though k-12 kids are in school there are plenty of people who are around during the day that were disappointed to find it closed. Sad that we rarely have access to our one amenity in this complex. I do feel like maintenance is not done as fast as I would like it to be done. Though I REALLY do like our maintenance men. This is the largest complex that we have lived in yet but I feel like often if I don't call to remind at least twice it does not get done. Putting things in writing is much faster because there is a legal paper trail, just a tip. My husband and I were disappointed when we moved in with the condition of our unit. They had been holding our "done" unit for over a week till we moved in. It was not ready though. We had missing light and broken fixtures. We did not get " new energy efficient" windows which we were told ( and one would assume) would come with a new unit. In fact our front one had a crack in it and it was not fixed till my toddler stuck her finger through it! None of our cabinets had knobs on them in the bathroom nor our doors to our laundry room.( I figured the bathroom ones were kid proof so I never bothered). Also all of the cabinets I feel like looked like they came out of the knick and scratch room at IKEA. One of the maintenance men actually thought it was ridiculous that our laundry doors were so hard to open and went and found knobs for me and I have been SOOO grateful since. Our AC unit had no lock on it which was fixed immediately because I guess it was a safety issue. I just felt like they were sloppy which makes me sad because I feel like with how this area is growing they could do really well if they just did a bit better with the care. We came into our apartment and it was dusty and our cabinets had this stuff that I still don't know what it is. The floors are yes uneven between bathrooms and closets, but I guess that is the difference between renovated and remodeled. The mail system in this area has not impressed me. Though that isn't the complexes fault. I will often have a package sitting for a week because I never get a notice and I have had mail lost but really that is mostly the Post Office.Sometimes the our office just looks in the binder to see if we have a package and it has not always been written down so just make sure they check in the back. For a while I felt kind of lied to because I was told so many things would happen to improve the place such as a working security gate or flower beds done in front of the units.I wish when I would ask about those things instead of being told maybe by .... they would just tell me those things are just not going to happen because of ..... I like to be informed and I HATE being a nuisance but if I don't get an answer I will ask again. My husband and I agree that no place is perfect unless its your own. So I will always have things I will wish could be improved until I own a home. I wouldn't say yes or no to recommending this complex because like any place there are pros and cons. Hope this helps you!
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Nottingham Village Apartments

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