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Nottingham Village Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
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Office Staff
I moved here in August and am currently residing at Nottingham. These townhomes are the best in the area. I moved here from out of state and my main concern was a safe, clean home in an area near great schools. My child currently goes to Stratford High which was rated one of the top 20 high schools for the nation in Newsweek. The townhomes are located right across from a nice park that has a tennis court. Excellent location. I have seen people walking at all times of the day. There is police patrol in the area often. I live in a townhome located towards the back. It is very quiet and I have nice neighbors on both ends. Parking can be a pain if you do not like to park in the covered parking area. They have dog bags to encourage people to pick up after thier pets (some don't take advantage of this opportunity). There is a security guard which drives throughout the property. I think they arrive sometime around 4:30 pm and stay all night. I have came home late around 2:00 am and will notice the security guard following me to make sure I live there. Pool looks great, I have not yet been there. The front office has been really great in addressing my concerns. I has a water leak once due to the filter needing to be changed. I called the office at 9:45 am to tell them about the leak, the maintenance guy arrived at 10:00 am. He was there for a while inspecting the unit. After replacing the filter, he cleaned the water asked me if I had any other issues before he left. Great guy. The front office has always been nice to me. The mail boxes are an issue; however, I went to the front desk and complained about a 2 months after I moved into my unit. They had someone out to fix my box and supplied me with new mail box keys. I have great lighting around my unit. They have automatic porch lights that come on at a specific time. I have lighting in the front for my porch and three light fixtures in the back for my patio. The most important thing about this place is that I feel safe. I don't have any rodents or bugs in my home, they have AT&T Uverse cable avalable, my unit is pretty big and it comes with a built in microwave above the oven. I have a lot of space and it is quiet where I live. Not a lot of noise at all, but as I stated above I have good neighbors and that makes a huge difference. We appear to all be middle class working people living in a nice community.
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Nottingham Village Apartments

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