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Nottingham Village Apartments



Resident · 2013 - 2014
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
If you are expecting to be able to swim do NOT move here. We moved to TX from out of state and expected to be able to swim at least 6 months out of the year. We moved in August and the pool was closed for the year in September. It did not open again until JULY 4. There is absolutely no excuse that is acceptable besides the management is lazy and do not care about their residents. When we moved in we got a pizza and left it on the counter for 30 minutes, and we disgusted to find roaches crawling all through the pizza box. The pest problem only improved after our filthy neighbors moved out and clean ones moved in. Do not expect to take hot showers in the morning. I have lost count of the number of times the hot water has been out for days at a time. And when they FINALLY attempt to fix it, all water gets turned off for an entire day. I imagine pet waste is a problem many places and the office will tell you about their "handy doggy doo doo stations"...but look around Bc they are empty poles, no replacement bags are ever there when I walk by. My kids end up stepping in dog crap and tracking it inside the apt or car. We kindly asked our neighbors to pick up their animal feces and then one day woke up to a nice pile of dog s*** on our front porch. We are however happy with most of our neighbors, mostly families as we live in the larger town homes. Our unit is nicely remodeled so there have only been minor complaints I've had with the inside. It does seem to be fairly energy efficient. The location is great, next to the park. I do agree with a previous comment about the local post office. It is horrible. Lost/damaged packages, very rude employees, and most of my mail NEVER got forwarded correctly. It may be hard to tell from the negative comments about this apt complex, but I am a very positive person...there is just almost nothing good to say about this place! The office will tell you lie after lie, like the access gates were supposed to be closed a month after we moved in and it's been almost a year. AND--if you ask them about these reviews they will tell you that people were mostly dissatisfied before all the remodeling took place. I can reassure you it is just as bad as ever. Save your money and go elsewhere.
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Nottingham Village Apartments

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