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Nottingham Village Apartments



Prospective Resident · 2014
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I've had the unfortunate experience of being a prospective resident of Nottingham Village, until I was denied approval because of what they considered an "open balance" from six years ago. I do completely understand that there is certain criteria that has to be met in order to be approved to rent an apartment. I've lived in a few different complexes since 2008 and have not had any issues whatsoever in regard to this old so called open balance. I was told that I would need to submit the application along with $400, which included the app fee, admin fee and deposit for the 2/2. I'm being denied my deposit back and am unable to get a response from Cody Belveal the manager that is never available, nor has the corporate office returned any of my calls. I've copied Cody on all of the emails and only Jacky in the office barely responds and refers me to Cody. It took over a week to find out that I was not approved and I even asked if the balance is paid would I then be approved and was told "oh I dont know I stopped processing your application when I came across the open balance". Cody was very dry and unsympathetic on the phone and has not responded to my repeated requests to refund my deposit. I should have known that when I gave Jacky my money orders something wasn't quite right because she said " I'm not going to have any issues from you once I take this money right?". I will use every avenue that I possibly can in order to get a refund, these people should not be keeping anyone's money if its not to secure an apartment that they won't be able to live in. I've also discovered others going through the same thing with Nottingham Village, unable to get a refund on a deposit for no reason at all. I was told that refunds are only given to applicants that applied "in earnest" meaning no falsified information on your application. Nothing on my application was false, Jacky asked me three times if I had any evictions or bankruptcy issues and each time I responded with no which is the truth. She stated that would be the only thing to keep me from getting approved, she even told me the apartment number and move in date when I emailed her inquiring about what the status of my applitcation was. She never once said anything about open balances since I had not had any issues before I didnt think it would be an issue now, I've lived in much nicer places than the Nottingham Village complex and to have to go through all of this to get back $300 is beyond rediculous. I've already obtained legal counsel, and will be contacting the local news station as well. Apparently I'm not going through this alone as I have also found other reviews where someones deposit was kept after they were denied approval here. I was not properly informed by the leasing staff inthe beginning and your deposit should be completely separate from the app and admin fee. My refund should not be contigent upon results from a rental history balance from 7 years ago.
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Nottingham Village Apartments

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