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Nottingham Village Apartments



Resident · 2014 - 2015
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Office Staff
Over all living there has been a horrible experience. Walls are made out of rice paper, because you can literally hear all neighbors talking, waking and watch tv. Moreover, maintainace takes several days to correct any requests. I asked for them to get the roaches extinguished and any problems, but the ants are all over the Complex. The complex has no internet coax accept for maybe the master room and u have to wire cords across everywhere or place n wifi router ( an expensendive one) to b able to connect Internet. That's not even solving the cable coax missing in livingrooms and bedrooms. Bathrooms are old hardly any water pressure and fixtures are as old as 1980's refrigerators have no ice makers. Parking is a disaster. Hey claim they have security at 10 pm til 6 am during there crew few times but I see and hear loud male and female arguments out side for hours with no one stopping them. Blinds are so cheap you can't touch them because they break of at ends. Windows are so thin you don't even get window screens. Don't even get me started on management. Rude woman! Don't ever answer the phone. If they do and you ask them for a request they don't handle it at all. They get upset because you ask for a maintance request and redirect you to do it online because they don't handle those issues. Poorly maintained waste and water system. Toilet no matter how clean it is has a fawl Oder. Did I mention the roaches, ants, and bedbug issues that they can't eliminate even though they say they say they have someone come take care of it and you follow the post op directions they still don't disappear. Kimberley ln should be changed to Kimberley highway because you can not cross the street without being worried about fast drivers because they have no slow down pedestrian walking sign up. Lane is narrow and cars are parked on side day and night for visitors and still there is not enough visitor parking. Think again before moving into this complex. If you question all of this just go in and experience the costumer service you get. If you even get service.
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Nottingham Village Apartments

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