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Parkland at West Oaks



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Office Staff
Resident 2005 Not Recommended
Reviewed 10/20/2005
Boy oh boy, will you be in for a shock. The facility is new, but dont let that fool you as management bent under pressure to fill vacant apartments and started to allow some of the lowest echelon of residents that has made this Gangsta Paradise.<br><br>Here, check out this letter released to the residents October 13, 2005: On October 12 between 12am and 4am, three vehicles were broken into and two were stolen that night. (Gosh, and if you read some of the other reviews, now you know why Dominoes wont deliver after dark.) But wait, the letter also stated that your security is your responsibility, funny considering they opened the floodgates to thugs who loiter in the parking lot at night and many who call this place home.<br><br>One night, I brought a date home and she was shocked as we returned from a night of clubbing. We drove around to where I park and there were some folks just loitering around cars. Across the parking someone on the third floor thought it would be cool to open their window during the heat of summer and blast gangster rap. All she could say was Oh my god<br><br>Something my very first night scared me, but I blew it off a little when I was watching TV and my doorknob was moving as to see if my door was locked. This was around 11pm. At that time, I never realized what this complex would become. <br><br>I take my hat off to the maintenance guys who constantly clean the premises considering how many of the low lifes pollute the parking lot by simply opening their car doors and empty their McDonalds bag or drink. A few times Ive taken the time to pick up some of the litter that some leave on the grass since many have no pride. The property is well kept, its just a shame many who live here dont care.<br><br>Management will have to grow a backbone and not bend to corporate pressure to fill vacant apartments as I predict this complex will soon become the armpit of this area if it isnt already. Im counting down the days until my leases ends and move somewhere where you wont be embarrassed to bring a date or friends. <br><br>This was an honest review, so be aware before you sign that lease<br>
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Parkland at West Oaks

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