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Peppermill Place

8440 Easton Commons

Houston, TX 77095



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/05/2007
We lived in this apartment for two years, and I can say living there turns out to be an absolute nitemare.<br><br>As written in another post, there was a fire in April 2006 that destroyed several units. Officially, the cause was a child accidentally starting a fire, but, in reality, the ultimate cause is the management allowing all kinds of questionable people to move into the complex. <br><br>Our first apartment, which was totally destroyed by the fire, had lots of adventures. Within a month of moving into the complex, we witnessed a fight between the couple downstairs that ended by the male kicking a sizeable dent into their vehicle while trying to forceably remove the female from the car. Also, we had an apartment across from us which was clearly a source of drug dealing and theft in the complex. For some bizarre reason, management was unwilling to do anything about the people in that unit - even after we witnessed a fight where a woman came out and started stabbing a man with a kitchen knife! Our cars were broken into on four separate occasions during this time, including once when the then brand new access gate was wide open after being notified in writing that it would be operational a week before that night.<br><br>So, our apartment was destroyed by fire in April and we were strong-armed into moving into another unit, which was a total mistake. I wish I would have hired an attorney. First of all, the second unit had no shade whatsoever. Given the fact that these apartment are constructed cheaply and don't insulate well, this resulted into our apartment heating up to 85-90 degrees on a daily basis. Running the air conditioning made no little or no impact, although that ended up costing me $350-450 per month in electric bills. Also, roaches suddenly became a problem for us when we had not had the problem in the previous unit. Other adventures in the second unit included an ongoing problem where the hot water would last only 2-3 minutes in the shower and upstairs neighbors that would sit outside drunk harrassing women and likely dealing in drugs.<br><br>To top it off, I have now been tagged with over $800 in fees and costs for various maintenance after we moved out. This happened despite the fact that (1) a person from maintenance did a walk-through which I considered fulfilling my walk-through with a "representative" and (2) management having no problem committing actions against the lease on numerous occasions before. If the lease didn't matter before, then why choose to enforce it to the letter now, and under questionable circumstances at that?<br><br>If you do choose this complex, then I have several suggestions for you. The first is to do all correspondence with management through certified mail - namely, move-out notice and unresolved maintenance issues. Also, make absolutely sure there is a paper documentation trail for everything done - especially when you move out and verify there is nothing else left, as this company will definitely pursue more money from you after you move. Finally, if you look online, you'll notice that the company running this complex (Aimco) runs many other similarly old and run-down complexes in the area. In other words, this area is booming with complexes, so find something better! We've moved down the street and now pay approximately $200 less per month in rent and electricity (watch electric costs) than at Peppermill while having a fairly new apartment.
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Peppermill Place

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