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Pine Lake Village



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USERONEONE • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 01/29/2007
I've lived in my "condo" for two years. And if it wasnt for my THICK skin i would have moved out when my first lease came up. Since Ive my inception date of my lease we (me and all other tenants) have seen about 5 managers and lord knows how many leasing agents. Just when you think one actually can do something, they're shipped off to another property. Lets get this right-THE COMPLEX IS LOCATED IN GREENSPOINT aka GUNSP0INT, TX so dont except crime rate to be low and dont except to sleep with a quite atmosphere. Two of my neighbors have had their cars broken into and another has had his car stripped down. There is no security and no plans to implement one either. Our saftey is upon a iron gate that is opened by a code of pressing "9's" untill it opens. As for the other complaints of mold etc, i stand by that. I personally dont have any but the mold does exists (ive partied with my neighbors in their apts to see so.) The AC bills are so damn high in the summer its killing me (i live on the 3rd floor) and the heat just continues to rise. Parking sucks (theres no assigned parking) so of course all the tenants who allow their loves to live there occupy all the spaces. Constantly you will hear someone outside proving their ego by blasting their music with the subwoofers in their non-insured car. The floors move from underneath you which gives you bad looks from your neighbors who reside underneath your and the STAFF CONSTANTLY (AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH) ENTERS YOUR APT TO DO RANDOM CHECKS. I dont know about you, but if I'm paying rent STAY DA HELL OUT OF MY HOUSE. but they always have an excuse. I could swore the vermin people jacked ornaments off of my xmas tree....but only god knows. Dont except anything once you move in.
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Pine Lake Village

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