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Polo Club



Resident · 2010
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Office Staff
If you are looking for a nice place to live, then keep it moving bekause Polo Klub isnt the place for u. When we signed our lease we were supposed to move in on the 12th. when we got there and had our furniture there and ready to be put in, they tell us that we were never registered for the apt that we were told that we were to move in. they sd it wasnt ready and we had to wait a week and the apartment still wasnt ready so they assigned us another apartment. We had to pay a transfer fee to switch the lights from the old apt to the new one, and they said they will pay us back the transfer fee which was straight up --------! We were late 2 days and they put a boot on the door and charged us an extra $100 to get the boot off along with our rent. The wall was poorly painted, I was at war with the roaches for weeks. You kan tell that the apartment had been previously broken into bekause of the broken wood by the locks. We told the office and they didnt do a thing! My roommate's door wouldnt lock and our oven was smoking when you turned it on and the washer machine didnt work. It took them about 2 weeks to even kum and fix a single thing. The maintainence doesnt do a thing aroud there and the management doesnt do anything but sit back and suck up people's money. They towed my kar bekause they were repainting the parking spaces lines and they sent us a letter to our door telling us to move our kar to the other side of the property but what they failed to tell us was that we had to move the kar back to the other side of the property the next day before 8 oklock in the morning or we would get towed. I feel that they had a deal with the tow truck service. I kould go on and on all day about how sorry their management is. Absoluely horrible place to live and I'm not sum renter that's mad for not paying rent, these problems were real! And I believe that the management should get investigated instead of the residents.
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Polo Club

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