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Quadrangle of Woodlake



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Office Staff
Wouldren--- • Resident 2004 - 2006 Recommended
Reviewed 01/21/2007
I came back to this site to post my review after I moved and it didn't post so I will post it again. I lived in this complex almost two years. I first rented a 3BR, then switched to a 2BR then a 1 BR. I liked the complex very much and felt comfortable living here. I only left because of health reasons, and my finances couldn't support the pricey rent.<br>Pros- The office staff and maintenance are very nice and helpful. Its a small complex and they know pretty much everyone on first name basis. I had no problem with maintenance as well. Any repair I needed was addressed. Let's face it- if maintenance had to come back to repair something they attempted to repair that is a plus. Some places don't do that. I personally had no problems with repair request. On one occasion it was beyond maintenance ability and a professional WAS called and took care of my issue. Next, the complex has mostly older tenants who have been there a while, it is very quiet and the POOL IS CLEAN!! The apartments are huge and almost all of them have washer & dryers. To the person who complained about lack of laundry facilities on the premises, I didn't think too many are needed since the majority of the units have washers and dryers. There are not many children living in the complex. Now the cons. If you have more than one car, parking can be challenging. The utilities are outrageous!! Or at least mine were. I lived in a 3BR, 2BR & 1BR and the utilites ran almost 1/3 of what I was paying for rent! But the water bill is really cheap. The grounds are full of stray cats so fleas can be a problem around the parking garages. There are people who don't live on the complex that come every night to feed the cats so the cats won't leave. Or this is what was happening while I was living there. They told me they asked and the management allows them to feed them. It bothered me at first, but we don't have any creepy rats or bugs around!! Just about 20 stay cats sleeping on the hood or roof of your car leaving fur balls in the windshiled ducts. <br>As for the grounds- for it being an older complex and knowing you can't control people and thier pets, I'd say it is one of the better place to live with a dog. Pet droppings lying around are minimal so I guess everyone does try to pick up after thier pooch. Overall, it is a little pricey, but you get what you pay for. If I could afford to come back, I would. I think its nice to know management knows who is renting in the complex on a first name basis.
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Quadrangle of Woodlake

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