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Red Stone Vista



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Office Staff
Resident 2000 - 2001 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2001
There seems to be alot of teenage kids around the aprtments I have a few that live above me and tend to throw parties on the weekends. They have even turned there stereo up as loud as it goes open all windows and doors and scream the words to the song as loud as they can at 9pm at night. I have been awoke at 2am in the morning to loud screaming and party I do not know how many times. I found beer cans on porch I have even seen a condom out of the package thrown on the ground in the court yard. It is really bad becuase the apatments even though are a little older they have alot of room in the whole apartment, I feel with the right owner these apartments could be great but as it stands they only seem to me to want to colloect your money and wait to fix any problem you seem to be having. When I moved in I did not have counter doors in second bathroom for two weeks. a kitchen draw was missing for the same time. I finally had to track down a maint. man outside and tell him to come fix this now he gave me the usaul I will be over there first thing in the morning haveing been told this several time I demanded he come now. So he brought two doors and a draw that did not even match. I have cracks all down my walls but that another thing I do not want to get into. They are supposed exsterminate once a month on the third thursday they have been here twice in the last eight months. I found there service very poor. Not to mention they have very poor cable service(Charter Communication) who seem to have alot of problems at this time and do not see to care. But yet they bill u on time and charge you a five dollar late charge which I have not been late but think it is a shame they charge people a late charge for a day late but cable goes out on avg basis and never gets repaired ina timley manor. So this is my review hope it scares you away from these apts because I have certainly learned my lesson here. Always ask many questions on the apts. I have had the worst exsperiance of my life here and can not wait until my lease is up in June 2001 so I can get out of it and never look back.
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Red Stone Vista

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