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Regents Walk



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
You have seen the mostly negative stuff. Don't underestimate their reviews, regardless of what the management says/writes. I have lived in years past in a house between a drug dealer and a crackhouse, got burned out by a meth fire in the apartment above and that crap couldn't compare to this spot. First, what other complex do you have TRIPLE CHECK if a maintenance order is being dealt with' The upstairs bathroom leaked and ruined several hundred dollars worth of items. They immediately patched it up, but took a month to repair it. Then, they said I had to move my damaged items before they could repair the roof damage. I moved it and the guy who was supposed to repair it took a week to get it done. Next, the crime. There are frequent break-ins - and a robber that ran by the elementary school was caught here. I would recommend if you are going to rent here, invest in Kevlar and a Saturday Night Special. Next, the wildlife. Roaches call this place home. Silverfish everywhere - in closets, in cabinets ... Every night, I see and hear squirrels and rats battle it out. Some nights, the rats win. Other nights, the squirrels pull it out. Next, the creaks. It's old and you can't walk upstairs without hearing cracks. And you can hear all sorts of sounds. It makes me wonder with each step am I going to fall through. Lastly, the lure. You will be duped as I was by the size of the apartments/townhomes, the location, the good school Meadow Wood and the closeness to shopping areas. Don't believe the hype. This living experience has been the worst experience since an attempted suicide attempt about 20 years ago. Two years worth of hell is enough for one man. When my lease is up, I am leaving on the first thing smoking. And the brown water - the silverfish - the times without air in the summer (pray your dinosaur of an A/C doesn't go out) and water (and how they'll close up shop early to avoid customers) - and the general lack of caring is enough to get your blood pressure up. Do yourself a favor - forget you ever heard about this place. I hate I put my family through two years here. It's one of the worst mistakes of my life.
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Regents Walk

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