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Regents Walk



Resident · 2015
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Office Staff
We've had so many issues in the past 8 months, and I cannot wait to move. Like OMG I cannot wait to move. When we first moved in we were told three different amount for our dog. We ended up paying a $600 pet deposit, and we were quoted $200, $250, and $300. At move in, we didn't have a choice but to pay it. The front office people all go to lunch at the same time or they're out on the property at the same time, I've had to sit and wait for them to come back for over two hours several times (one time they said they were at Taco Bell and did not apologize). There's large groups of people waiting for the staff to come back. If you leave a message with the answering service, they will not call you back. The lady with the ------------- is one of the rudest ladies I've ever encountered at an apartment complex. When you walk into the apartment and go straight, she has the desk on the left. She's the lady who lied about the pet deposit. She's just terrible. Our bathroom tub leaked downstairs every time we showered, and it took 3 months to get it fixed after several requests. We could not use the shower at this time. Our stairs from to the second floor started falling off. It took 5 months to get fixed. Our apartment flooded every time it rained from both doors. The doors started to sag, and the locks didn't work. It took 5 months to get fixed and continuous follow up to get it fixed. The power and A/C will go out every other day in the summer. While sitting and waiting for the office staff, all of the neighbors say this is a common thing here. The maintenance crews are continuously fixing A/C units. They do not have time to fix anything else. The second floor of the townhouse is impossible to keep cool. We had the A/C on 68, and it would stay super hot up there. We started sleeping in the living room during the summer months. We had a car window broken about three weeks after moving in. The two swimming pools at Regents Walk never opened up this summer. There's one main pool for all three complexes, and it's filled with trash people. The gym has been closed at these complexes since I moved in, too. The trash is constantly overflowing, and it smells super gross. Our toilet takes 4-5 flushes to get anything down in both toilets. The water from the facets is often yellow. The neighbors in the townhouse are not too bad (some are bad), but the two sister complexes have gangs and trash people. It's like walking in a 3rd world country, and we just had a break in by a 22-year-old. The cops had to shoot the kid, because they didn't catch him the first time and tried to break into the same apartment right after they left. These young adults are in gangs and walk through the park next to us to sell drugs. I was walking through the park one day, and they threw fire crackers at me while yelling "come here b****." They live in units right by the leasing office, I saw them as I walked to the park. We've had issues with the breaker box. It's smelled like burning wires several times, and the maintenace crew told us not to touch it ourselves for safety reasons. They never replaced the box. We cannot keep a light bulb good for more than a month, because there's weird power surges. It's just been bad. It's not worth the money you save and lately the people are getting worse in the apartments. We've had a guy walking up and down the parking area screaming on top of his lungs for several nights in a row into his phone. He was screaming all sorts of curse words, and there's a lot of kids here. The kids are sweet, but there's a ton of them everywhere. They knock on your door and run away in the summer which makes my dog so mad. It's hard to get her to stop barking after they do that... Please do yourself a favor and don't move here. Oh, the Kroger and other places near by are staffed by the crappy people who live here and can walk to work. It's frustrating.
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Regents Walk

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