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Reserve at Woodwind Lakes

14555 Philippine Street

Houston, TX 77040



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Office Staff
Resident 2004 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 10/12/2006
Lived here for over almost 3 years.<br><br>This place is a nice complex to live and I would refer it to any member of my family including both of the 80 year old grandmothers.<br><br>Car theft, car break-ins(some apartment break-ins) had gone up a little, but mostly after Katrina evacuees (YES, I SAID IT!), and a surge in crime that is taking over ALL of Houston. This complex is located in a melting pot of freeway intersections with people going in all directions, so it does lend itself to being vulnerable to hit and run traffic. However, over reasonable time, both old and new management have taken proper, steadfast actions toward confronting each problem and protecting their residents to the best of any apartments' standards. (actually more)<br><br>Old managemant had some females that had ---- for brains, but what can you do? New management seems to be all there.<br><br>I can only spectulate about anyone who has had problems with this complex . . . . they must be your typical person that has problems in all areas of life.<br><br>This complex is just as quite as the day I moved in. The weekends are just as quite too. <br><br>For those of you who have negative dog comments on this website--- There are some larger dogs around the complex, but none of whom attack. This is a friendly community that catters to pets as well. The pet owners are middle to upper class residents that have NICE, FRIENDLY pets. And in case you have children, all I can say is "MOM, children under the age of 5 should not be left alone in the first place." . . .especially in an apartment complex, it's not 1950 anymore.<br><br>Got a maintenance problem, call management and they will be there within hours, every time. Old management and new!<br><br>This complex has clean fixtures, high ceilings and nice set-ups. This comes from a guy that makes a good living for himself, so I know quality when I see it!<br><br> Don't believe the hype from unsatisified tenants.<br><br> X... Current resident
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Reserve at Woodwind Lakes

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