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San Felipe Court Apartments



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actionreaction • Resident 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/10/2007
From almost the beginning I had problems with this apartment complex. I should have realized that when I had trouble just signing my lease... I was moving in with 2 friends, and we werent all able to sign the lease at the same time, so we told Rhonda our other roommate would be in the next day at a specific time to sign the lease (this was already after having to come back twice to sign the lease myself). He showed up the next day and Rhonda wasn't there and the lease wasnt to be found.<br><br>Later we had a leak in the roof, only to come back a couple of months later when it rained. But not only did it leak above my bed, but there were water spots throughout the ceiling. They came to "fix" it by spraying paint over the spots. I had a friend who was a facilities manager come over and he drilled a hole in the celing to find mold growing, and also found it in the floor. He did a moisture reading of both the floor and the ceiling and 5 days after it read it was still reading 30%. We lived on the second floor and there was moisture in the floors!<br><br>Trying to deal with Rhonda was a whole other story. She is untrust worthy and unprofessional. She will argue with you like she is an 11 year old instead of trying to make you happy. With legal support we were able to be let out of our lease due to our apartment being uninhabitable and threatening to have city inspectors come out. <br><br>We moved out on the 15th, but had already paid rent through the month because we didn't know we would be moving out until rent was due. Rhonda tried to tell us that we would not get the money from a credit that was on our lease (because we did pay for an entire month, but was only there for 15 days) because we were let out of the lease early. I wouldn't be surprised if Rhonda kept the money for herself.<br><br>This place is also a hassle to move in and out of because you have to go through a courtyard to get your furniture in. When it rains, the courtyard will flood. I began to keep a pair of flip flops in my car because it would be inevitable that I would have to walk through 3 - 6 inces of rain that built up in the parking lot and in the courtyard just to get to my apartment; and there was no way around that because it was flooded everywhere.<br><br>This is the worst place I have ever lived, and the most unprofessional people I have ever come across work here, and I would never wish anyone to have to live here and deal with the people and all the problems.
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San Felipe Court Apartments

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