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Scotland Yard Apartments



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Office Staff
gatorfan22 • Resident 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 09/05/2007
...unfortunately nothing else is. I wouldn't normally waste my time writing a negative review, but I'm sick of these guys. When I rented from them, the deal was that $200 of my $400 pet deposit was refundable; now of course they say that actually non of it is refundable. Not that I did something that required them to deduct from the return, but that none of it is eligible for refund. So I can either fly down to Houston and waste a week getting them to small claims court, or I can bend over. Hope they use lube. Frankly, I rented this place site unseen, which is my own stupid fault, but there really is nothing redeeming about this complex. The management is lazy and unfriendly. The "amenities" don't deserve to be called that. The walls are thin, think Office Space. The security gates don't work; they're either always open, or always closed. When there is an event at the ballpark, you will have trouble parking. Your neighbors are, to put in charitably, seedy. There really has to be some place that is nicer than this for about the same price. This is a slum, pure and simple.
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Scotland Yard Apartments

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