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Southpoint Apartments



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larryw19781 • Resident 2004 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/21/2007
Hey I am half way through my 3rd lease here... and you know what?? This is great place to live! I love it here! <br><br>To anyone who is reading this and the other comments left.. think about this... most of the negitivity is a result of people who paid late, left their apartment trashed, skipped out or evicted! And they owe the apartments money... and they are pissy about it! <br><br>Look I work in the apartment industry also...not here or for this company... this place is not dirty! I see the people who work here REGULARLY picking up the grounds more than twice a day!!! It is not the staff's fault that there are some lazy people WHO LIVE HERE who throw trash on the ground, or put their junk mail on top of the trash can. Instead of complaining about it, pick it up! I do! Geez I live here too I have pride in where I live.<br> The "NOT SO DESIRABLE RESIDENTS"--come on! There is something called Fair Housing! Reguardless of someone's color, religion, and so forth... if they meet the properties qualifications, they can live here...just like you, they met the criteria! Your not always going to like everyone who lives around you... thats life! Buy a house! COME ON!<br>Security...guess what...show me an apartment that has sec... NO SUCH THING!!! WHY because it is your responsibility!!! This is HOuston the 4th largest city in the country! No place is immune to it!!! <br>BTW there were no New Orleans people here either!<br>The maint is great! They come out and fix things in a timely manner! Stop complaining because they were not at your aprt within 10 seconds kissing your butt! They have other work orders plus make readys they have to do!<br>The girls in the office... you know all 3 of them every time I have walked in or called about anything... they have a smile on their face! Greet and welcomed me, they have never been rude! Just because they tell you no doesnt mean they are bithes! Again, they work here, answer to someone higher..they do their jobs! There is only so much anyone is allowed to do. Fair Housing has a nice clause...basically do for one do for all.<br>What it boils down to is that 6 oage lease contract. It describes all of your rights and so forth any thing you need to know partaining to your apartment is right there in stone...Their job is to enforce that contract. Just because you feel you are above it, doesnt give you any right to start dogging this place or the staff. They do a damn good job! Remember... it is a LEGAL BINDING CONTRACT. When they tell you that you have to pay late fees when your late or will be charged for braking your lease, they are not doing it to be asses or inconvinece you, they are following the contract...you know it is a buisness, the owners want to make their money and if they bent the rules for everyone...then what is the point! <br>GET OVER IT! This is a great place, you wont be disappointed!
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Southpoint Apartments

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