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Sprucewood Apartments



Resident · 2015 - 2017
Rating Breakdown
Office Staff
The location and conveniences are next to perfect. the apartments themselves are in decent to plus condition...Now to the negatives.1. the office staff, mainly the manager is extremely rude and incompetent. Half the time she has no clue what is even going on at her own property. 2. The parking is horrendous at best. if you get home late(after 5pm) you can forget finding a parking spot. When I moved in, I was told there was a tow truck that came by frequently and removed any vehicles that were not registered. I have been here for almost 2 years and have seen a tow truck maybe twice. The gate is broken half the time so non-residents (visitors) can occupy the very limited spaces there are. 3. They recently changed the AC units to newer models and ever since, I have had multiple issues with my unit. 4. The staff is NEVER in the office. Their times and dates posted at the office, are nothing more than a mere suggestion of when they MAY be there. 5. Children, I myself have no children, but the constant running and screaming and playing in the middle of the driveways needs to stop. I have had to hit my breaks multiple times because of children not moving for vehicles. I realize this isn't the propertys issue. But it is a resident issue. Also, back to the parking situation, at the beginning, they will tell you, that you cannot convert your garage into a sitting area, and that it must be used for parking only. this is NOT true. If you drive through the property, you will see multiple garage being used at storage, sitting, a second 'Living room" complete with television and couches and chairs.
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Sprucewood Apartments

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