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The Belvedere Westchase



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bkmclaughlin19 • Resident 2011 - 2012 Not Recommended
Reviewed 06/27/2012
Celebration at Westchase is perhaps the most pathetic public housing complex in West Houston. DO NOT LIVE HERE, EVER! I've lived in this dump for a year and my lease is now over (Thank you JESUS). While living at these apartments I've seen a 42' flat screen launched from the apt above mine by the girlfriend of my neighbor durring one of many arguments. This was at 11:30 on a Tuesday. There was no action taken. Also, there was an eviction of another neighbor and instead of hiring movers to move out the furniture they threw the furniture over the balcony and broke the stairs. Good news it only took a week or two to fix the stairs. Also, those neighbors that were evicted left meat in their refridgerator and it spoiled and brought every fly in TEXAS right to our apartment. They decided to bomb their apt but left the paying tenants to deal with whats left over. The rent for a one bedroom is 625.00, and trust me when I say this, it's not worth 350.00. Now on to the leasing agents. I think these ladies are very nice but have an IQ around 55 (Mentally Handicapped). There is only one lady that actually speaks good english in the office and none of the grounds keepers graduated high school. At one point durring this year there was a serious ferral cat problem and instead of calling someone qualified to catch these cats they set cat traps around the apt complex using wet cat food. The problem with this is they set the trap right in front of my door with that smelly food for 3 days. Awesome! Especially when your parents and girlfriend are coming in for the weekend. The last and final straw was when my girlfriends vehicle was just towed for a nice 218.00. If your at the north end of the apt complex facing target you will see what the Celebration at Westchase call covered parking, I call it a good way to rob your tenants. I had to be out of town for 10 days for work and my girlfriend went to see her family and left her car under the "covered parking" and upon arrival from the trip we pull into the apartment and see her vehicle sitting on the tow truck. They told me it was reserved parking. No where above her vehicle did it say reserved, not to mention, there were two other cars under the same "covered parking". These are just some of the many reasons never to move into these apartments. Also, its a very "shady" neighborHOOD. PLEASE EVEN IF YOU ONLY READ THIS, STAY AWAY.
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The Belvedere Westchase

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