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The Bridges of Cypress Creek

17710 Red Oak Dr

Houston, TX 77090



Resident · 2010 - 2016
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Office Staff
Formerly The Villages of Red Oak, the best thing here is price. The place is old and it shows despite a new paint job. There are roaches, the pavement is a disaster, and three buildings have burned down over the past few years (one was arson, but regardless of cause newer apartments are likely more fire safe). The group that took over and changed the name of the place about 3 years ago promptly renovated the main office and empty units, but made none for current residents outside of exterior paint and adding Xfinity hook ups. Despite "substantial renovations" being advertised, the unit you end up getting may not be the freshest. Staff is so-so. You have to stay on top of them. They have a professional and polite demeanor, but are too often slack in doing the actual work. Service requests will sometimes be marked complete despite not being resolved. They withhold repairs of certain issues (carpet and tub repair chiefly) for lease renewal. They charge a monthly pest control fee for contracted exterminators, but can and do use their own staff to perform pest control. They can be slow in calculating the final bill for your rent so be careful paying early, even early in the day on the first of the month. There are $40-50 of extra fees each month so add that to the cost of the unit you're interested in. Amenities are run-of-the-mill. There are tennis courts but if you or your kids are more interested in playing other sports then you/they won't be able to do so here. The laundry facilities are cramped and have coin-op machines that sometimes don't dry thoroughly. The gates and doors in the fence surrounding the property are beat up and slow, but they work. Newer additions like grills and a fitness center are nice, but if you're working and this is your price range, you may not have the time and/or energy to make use of them and might prefer decent pavement or other basics instead. The Bridges is okay at best. The location and prices are fine, but if you can afford something newer, do so as no renovation short of gutting the buildings will bring this place up to the modernity found elsewhere. If you're just getting by you should look around, as there are cheaper places of similar age and amenities where you won't have upwards of $40 in fees and where the pavement won't add wear on your car. No matter what you can afford you should comparison shop before settling on this place. The rates will continue to climb and the buildings will continue to age.
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The Bridges of Cypress Creek

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