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15135 Memorial Drive

Houston, TX 77079



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hines_tx • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 05/26/2006
Once upon a time Jack and Jill found a beautifully landscaped apartment community with a luxury decor management office. The management staff walked them through a wonderful model apartment and offered them cookies to munch and drinks to quench their thirst. While looking thru the office windows at the simmering pool they signed a lease agreement for 12 months and moved into their new apartment.<br><br>Then the fairy tale ends. Jill soon discovered she could not cook Jack a hot meal because her stove was broken nor could she offer Jack a clean shirt because the washer also was broken. When Jill went to the management office to discuss her situation, she was not offered a cookie or drink this time, just a promise that the repairs to her appliances would be done tomorrow. Jill soon learned that tomorrow meant many days in the future and that THE MEMORIAL staff was not concerned with her nuisance problems such as no air conditioning, no hot water, no water at all, and roaches.<br><br>Now Jack and Jill have new ownership that demands they contractually obligate themselves to a $260. rental increase to re-new their 12 month lease or $460. for a month to month lease. In return, they will get the SAME DAMN MANAGEMENT STAFF AND MAINTENANCE CREW to address the on-going maintenance and repairs needed by the 15 year old appliances, air condtioning, and interior fixtures.<br><br>OWNERSHIP CONTRACTUAL MONEY RAPE TO RE-NEWALS.<br>**$250. monthly increase on all models.<br>**All leases less than 6 months, add $200.<br>**All lease re-newals, increase depends on model in question and if any are presently vacant.<br><br><br>
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The Grand on Memorial Apartments

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