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The Manor at Jersey Village



Resident · 2008 - 2010
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Office Staff
We moved in a couple years ago. The management was outstanding, Johanne & Betty. They were friendly, knew everyone by name, took time to talk to us, very helpful. When you walked in, it smelled good, very clean. Under the second new mgmt crew, now it smells like cigarettes and dirty old people (that faint smell of decay and ashtrays). The carpets are looking worn and unvacuumed. They used to vacuum every 2 weeks or so and kept the entryways clean. The back entry by the mailboxes used to have a beautiful carved winged bench and two golden framed mirrors, very classy, now gone, and the comfy cushy white couch is gone. In their stead, new mgmt has put an uncomfortable old table with uncomfortable chairs and ugly duplicate photos in the space. We used to like to meet with our preacher friend while we waited for the church bus, but now the sitting area doesn't work. The numerous public areas were classy, well appointed and arranged with care, and most still are. But there's been a disappearance of many furniture pieces and knick-knacks, and some of the arrangement, or lack of, seems like a hodge-podge. I.e., new mgmt has bad taste and now goes around asking us to close our doors so we can't just look in on our neighbors to say "hi" because it's "forbidden". We pay a fair amount of money to live here and expected the high quality to continue, but we may end up moving to the other new 55 living where Johanna and Betty are now managing. There are no security cameras at any of the entries, so occasionally there's a rash of thefts. For about the last 5 months, any one of the three car gates is wide open at all times, plus the fact the gate code has never been changed so all maintenance-types plus friends/family have the "secret entry code". Makes us nervous. An SUV was stolen last year. PLUSES: Lots of activities, great community feeling among residents, jigsaw puzzles on each floor and on all the walls--very interesting, in-house beauty shop, computer room, movie room, free coffee, nice pool, craft fairs, nice apartments with washer-dryers, okay landscaping--some wonderful courtyards rather than parking lots. Love the gardening by the parking lot. No noise from neighboring apartments, very quiet. Good fire doors/construction. Fantastic holiday decorations year-round, especially Christmas.
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The Manor at Jersey Village

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