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The Manor at Jersey Village



Resident · 2009 - 2015
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Office Staff
The apartments themselves are pretty nice. Granite kitchen tops, disposal, ice cube maker in the refrig, washer/dryer combo provided. Noise level is very low, rarely hear our neighbors. Large walk-in storage room/closet, although the bedroom closet proper is small. Recently doorside garbage pickup was started, very helpful. Public areas galore and a large community room. Management initially was excellent. Then new mgmt took over and has systematically dismantled our once-happy community. The first thing to go was a gate which actually shuts to the street. It is left standing open 24/7 so anyone can drive through. There aren't cameras to record anyone walking through the open front and back doors. The residents are vulnerable. The pool is small and not kept up. It may, or may not, be safe to swim in. The "spa"/Jacuzzi mostly doesn't work. We had one excellent maintenance guy for 200 apartments, but he was recently let go. Now we have two new maintenance men, so maybe things will get better. Our poor assistant manager does the paperwork for 200 apartments mostly by herself, very little help from the "head" manager, whose nasty attitude she has gradually adopted. It seems like the manager truly hates the residents plus she's a malicious gossip. We had jigsaw puzzles on the walls, framed under glass, which many residents helped put together. It was a community project, friendly and unique. We could walk the halls and point out the tractor we'd assembled, or the angel's wings we worked on. Mgmt took all pictures and puzzles off the walls, then painted the barren walls gray and white. Gray! like an institute or prison. Put up mostly monochromatic "artwork" like one finds in cheap hotels. Residents had to remove all items outside our doors, including doormats, wreaths, anything interesting with personality. Now any decoration has to be "approved" first. Christmas used to be a riot of color down all the hallways, everybody went crazy with the decorating. Happy. Now it's a bore. We did have the best cable deal in town at the Manor, through Comcast, an excellent basic package for $20, added onto the rent. That disappeared recently, but it could have been at Comcast's request, not sure. So we had to get our own cable. That cost $55 instead of $20, then my rent was raised $35. $90-$20=$70 increase to live there. Things are not looking at all appealing for our remaining at the "Manor".
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The Manor at Jersey Village

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