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The Manor at Jersey Village



Resident · 2015 - 2019
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Office Staff
I live here presently only because I don't have any means to leave. If anyone thought that Management was bad back in 2015 it is far worst now. They advertise amenities like microwaves and washer/dryer units included in each apartment, community room, TV Room/Theater, Computer room, free Wi-Fi access, Pool and Hot tub, BBQ's pet area, vegetable garden etc...there are none of those or they are only for a few select people. One woman has control over the computer room and if you ask her for the Wi-Fi password she tells you that you have the pay $20.00 a month for it. The office keeps the door closed all day and doesn't even acknowledge you when you cone in to pay your rent. They won't allow you to hand them your rent check or money order - they point at metal basket for you to put it in - they are very rude, unwelcoming and very unprofessional. They back-date lease agreements and notices they call residents done to sign papers after the fact to get ready for "audits" and they put eviction notices on people front doors in plain site without envelopes yet the eviction paper says it was delivered personally or put inside the apartment unit. I don't have a microwave in my apartment, never have - wasn't offered one - they didn't have any when I asked. The Community room and it attached kitchen are off limits to the residents. The coffee bar is only accessible by one resident and then she puts the coffee pot up. So, if you aren't in her circle - no morning visits in the common room for you. The pool is never open - the gates stay locked, the Hot tub doesn't work. The front entrance gate is always open. The common areas on each floor or no longer usable for the residents as the sofas and tables are all disappearing one by one. When I moved in we had 6 grocery carts for residents to use for unloading groceries from the parking lot or Taxi cab depending how you got to and from the grocery store; and getting them up to our apartments - they have been gone for almost a year. Ant the residents that had there own little buggies or cart were told they couldn't keep them either or they would be grounds for eviction. They raised the late fee and enforced it on people whose leases had the lower rates. And they paid because they were afraid of being evicted. They use to pick up trash twice a week at your apartment door, then once a week - now not at all. The elevators haven't been inspected in over a year, the emergency fire extinguishers are out of date also, yet when they take away or grocery carts and tell us we can't park our electric scooters by the exits or we will be fined $100.00 they blame it on the Fire Marshall. I have been here over 4 years and my buildings floor has only been mopped once and never vacuumed. The central air conditions on the 2nd and 3rd floors aren't working and management doesn't care. It's hot and stuff as blazes during the warm months and cold during the winter. I hear that one resident went 3 months without a washer and dryer after hers caught on fire. The fire department told management to service and clean all the lint from washer/dryers they haven't. Other tenants have machines that don't dry because there is no heat and other have machines that over heat. Some have machines that are literally rusting out and causing rust spots on the linens and clothes, management doesn't care. They don't care about there tenants. Just the yearly cruise the employees take with a few residents so they can get the discount. Most my friends/acquaintances and people that have lived here since they opened in 2005 have moved out or are moving because of the loss of amenities and the unkept conditions of the building. The public restrooms are kept locked 24/7 now. Someone had an accident in the hallway before they could get to their apartments bathroom and management refused to clean it up. If the public restrooms had been open they would not have been an accident. Not professionally run at all. PS They even told the people that own pets that they couldn't walk them on the property any longer - because maintenance doesn't want to gather and replace the "doggie trash can" any longer. If they would remove the locks on the lids I am sure someone would put in the new bags and throw the full dirty bags away. PSS The only reason the manager was working late in February 2019 from the other post is because she was doctoring the files to pass an audit.
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The Manor at Jersey Village

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