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The Viv

2210 West Dallas

Houston, TX 77019



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kbanks57 • Resident 2005 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/05/2007
I have lived at AMLI Town Square for over two years now. I have never really had much to complain about but I will write down the positives and negatives of this complex. I'm going to be honest with you, I enjoyed my stay here but I want a bigger apartment and in a different location. <br><br>Overall I would recommend this place. The negatives are not major but they are things to consider before moving here. I have read other reviews of other complexes and you should always be guarded and remember that break-ins happen everywhere. Please be realistic. I hope this review helps. <br><br>Positives:<br>1. The maintenance staff is great. They do come to your apartment in 24 hours or less. They have fixed my lights and air conditioning unit when it went out. <br>2. You have until the 3rd of the month to pay your rent.<br>3. There is covered parking and visitors are allowed to park anywhere. (negative too...read later.)<br>4. Great view of the city and landscaping is well done.<br>5. The pool is beautiful.<br>6. The gym is nice.<br>7. Washer and Dryer included in some apt. Mine did.<br>8. Location.<br>9. No rodent or pest problem in apartment.<br>10. Office tries to coordinate events to get residents involved.<br><br>Negatives: (listed from the worst to things that you can deal with)<br><br>1. The noise from the floor upstairs is annoying.<br>2. The dog crap is all over the courtyard and pool area. Don't walk on the grass! <br>3. Familiar faces are gone at the office and the new people are not that people friendly unless you look like a model. Preferably a male model. <br>4. Some people hog up parking spots. Big trucks that are too wide or too long make it hard to get around or park in. Little scooters take up one spot and there have been car break ins for the past year and a half.<br>5. No security! You pay alot in rent and all they have are codes in which anyone can come in. Pizza Hut and Dominoes all have the code to get in and out. They should have a security guard at the entrance at all times but they don't care who comes in and out.<br>6. Landscaping is done at 7am, so be prepared to get annoyed with that during the spring and summer.<br>7. It's common to see flying roaches in the summer. It doesn't bother me but if you go to the pool at night, be warned!!!<br>8. Rent is going to go way up with new complexes being built.<br>9. Rude, snotty, stuck up rich neighbors. Racism is still alive folks, that's all I'm going to say.<br>10. Postal worker delivers mail when he/she feels like it. A barrage of mail on Monday, nothing on Wednesday.<br>11. Overcrowded pool parties in the summer. Someone even held a wedding party this past summer. These parties are usually college kids or young rich people who invite the whole neighborhood. They take up the parking spots and you have no where to park.<br>12. LOCATION! Allen Parkway hosts many marathons over the year. Be prepared to find alternate routes to get to I-10 or 45.<br>13. Marathon viewers park in our lot. Hence the codes being well known.<br>14. UPS or regular packages sitting in the office without you even knowing it until days later. <br>15. People drive 20 mph or 30 mph in the parking lot.
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The Viv

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