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Keljohn020 • Resident 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 01/16/2007
User Responses <br>From: Keljohn020 Date: 01/16/2007 <br>I am the property Manager of Turtle Pointe Apartments.<br><br>Our company has just taken over the property a month ago. We are going to be renavating the apartments over the next couple of months.<br><br>This is what was the electrical issue<br>At 4 pm on January 10, 2007 Church Services had a crew working on foundation repairs. The crew was drilling concrete condents into the ground and hit a secondary electrical line, when that happened buildings 15 and 16 lost power .At approximately 4:15 Church Services had another crew working on the 11 building and the crew was drilling a concrete condent into the ground and hit the primary electrical line. They not only hit the primary line but pushed the condent through all the electrical lines for the entire west side of the property. When that happened it blew out the transformer and tripped the main fuse on the electrical pole, we lost all electrical power to west side of the property including the office.<br><br><br><br><br><br>I called Centerpoint Energy and when Center Point came out they said they only supply the electricity to the property at power pole and that was not affected so they could not do anything about it. They told me I need to call an electrician of my choice. I then called Brant Electric and they arrived on property at approximately 5:00pm to look at the situation and give us and idea when power could be restored. Brant determined they would not be able to restore power until the next day due to the fact they would need to get parts and the work was going to be extensive. Brant did work on the secondary line and restored power to the 15 and 16 building that night. <br><br><br><br>On Thursday Jan 11th Brant had to run a temporary line from the main power pole to the transformer for a temporary solution. This was completed at approximately 6pm January 11, 2006 and the property had electricity. We had numerous complaints and threats from residents so I had to call a security guard for the day of the 11th. The residents did loose all their groceries due to the fact the electricity was out for over 24 hrs and have been really upset with the time it has taken for the problem to be solved. We explained to them it was something we that was out of our control.<br><br>I can't change the way the property was managed in the past but I can make sure the future will be much better. We are going to be adding an additional fitness center, redoing the racket ball courts,Repainting the entire property, adding card readers at all entrances,upgrading lighting and adding security cameras.<br><br>Thank you,<br><br>Kelly Johnson <br>
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