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Villas at Hermann Park

6301 Almeda Road

Houston, TX 77021



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bighog1 • Resident 2005 - 2006 Not Recommended
Reviewed 07/18/2006
I am a past resident, and I am trying to write as fairly as possible. First things first - it's GREAT for dogs. They're very friendly and with Hermann park next door, fido will love it. The upkeep staff is AWESOME. They can't be topped by another other place I've lived. The price is okay for the area, not good, not bad. The pool is great to, I have yet to find one better.<br><br>So here's some things that weren't so good. The office staff - some are better then others, and we didn't have any problems until move out. Upon moving out we have it in writing and signed by the office staff on our rental agreement stating that we paid XXX.XX amount of deposit and they received it. We are to get it back under favorable conditions - well, when they checked us out, they said the apt. looked great, but they had it nowhere in thier ledger where we paid them, even though we could show them the check stub and their own freakin' lease! <br><br>Security. Security here sucks. If you sign a year long lease, plan on being broken into at least once - either your car or home. It's scary at night! The gates always break and fail to the open position, and the on sight police are at work at night! Not patrolling. They tried security guards, but the gaurds worked with theives to alert them to valuable targets inside the complex! GEEZE! <br><br>The water bill. After we moved out and didn't used the water for the entire last month, our water bill actually went up! It proves that they just do one grand water bill and split it up among the residents, reguardless of what you use. <br><br>Oh - if you're not the best car parker in the world, or have anything larger then a geo, you have great potiental for hitting your car on the side posts in the parking garage. Probably 50 % of the people accidentally damage their car here. <br><br>As far as children - there are extremely few children here. I would not recommend you bring your child here for safety and lack of playmates. <br><br>Well, that's all I've got. Good luck. This place is what you make of it, and consider yourself informed. <br><br>Oh - last 2 thing. They used aluminum in the apartment walls, which is tuff, but blocks cell phone signals. Watch out if you only use a cell phone. <br><br>In the event of a hurricane or flood, they will tell you that they are built on higher ground to put you at ease. As a hurricane approached houston, they put up notices to all residents that the area floods and to evacuate NOW!
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Villas at Hermann Park

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