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Villas at West Road

9500 West Road

Houston, TX 77064



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Office Staff
Resident 2006 - 2007 Not Recommended
Reviewed 02/12/2007
I thought that this was just an amazing apatment complex, and then I moved in...<br>I moved in and imidiatly had problems with my gate remote. We had to go up to the office 3 or 4 times to get it fixed. They (the stuff) aren't that great. It is like living in a bording school. You can't play pool without having to sign in and out and have a stuff member lock and unlock the door. The computers in the buissness center are NEVER avalible for use because they do not monitor how long the kids are on (same kids are on EVERYDAY from the time they get home from school untill closeing time). They never alerted anyone that they were going to be taking out the box dumpster (yet we countinue to have to pay for the pick up). The walls are thin, and they are so nit-picky about stupid things. After my husband moved in after the ARMY we had alot to unpack. Well I work 9 hours a day so I couldn't do it in 1 or 2 days, so we left a box and one of those blow up things for the pool out side and they left us a note saying that if we did it again it would be a lese violation. A BOX PEOPLE!!! COME ON!!! We have had the same problem with our cable plugs for 4 months now and they have yet to fix it. We have coutiously comlaned about some lady and her 5 dogs pooping all over the place and never cleaning it up and she never has them on a leash, yet they haven't taken any action to correct this problem. But it clearly states in the lese that all aniaml must be on a lesh and that you must clean up after them. Then when I tried to switch over my electricity I couldn't because they never put in a notice to their company that a tendant was moving in! They charged me WAY over on my rent 2 times for the electricty saying that it wasn't thier fault. (they will take your money in a heart beat!) Then with a 3 day notification they said that they were turning my electricity off! 3 DAYS!! EVERYONE knows that it take longer than that just to have someone come out and switch the electricty over or turn it on. They need to get a new assitant manager! I DO NOT RECOMENED ANYONE MOVE HERE!! IT MAY LOOK NICE BUT YOU WILL BE LIVING IN HELL! My husband and I are moving out ASAP!!
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Villas at West Road

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