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Office Staff
weenfreek1 • Resident 2006 - 2007 Recommended
Reviewed 02/15/2007
We've been here for 7 months now, and really have no big complaints. Our move in was easy, the office folks were friendly, and when we moved in, it was CLEAN, fresh painted, with new carpet. There is crown molding and ceiling fans, and I have 4 closets in my apt, which makes up for the lack of pantry IMO. Icemaker, lots of outlets, and clean appliances. The microwave vent hood is nice, we got a new one when we moved in, they work a lot better than conventional hoods.<br><br>The little things: They've shut of water for maintenance once i think, but we got a notice 24 hours in advance. We didn t have cold water another time, but that was because the gas line blew at the end of the street at the feeder (there was a lot of construction, and it really was out of their control). We've had a few things needed to be repaired here and there, but Jennifer and Carla have always been good about responding, and if for some reason something can't be taken care of right away, they call and let you know. We've been able to actually schedule some maintenance, which was nice, cause the place I was at 2 apartments ago, sometimes the guy would just come in, and I wouldn't know till later. There is also a haunted house at Halloween time, but that was only annoying the night there was traffic when a radio station was there. Those folks pretty much stayed out of our hair.<br><br>The only real issue I have is parking. They assign you ONE spot per bedroom. This would be wonderful EXCEPT when people come to visit their friends they park in the INTERNAL lot instead of visitor parking. I am a student, and I do come home from studio at 1 am or later quite a few times a month. There is never parking then. If I m home before 8 or 9, I m ok, but that does kinda suck. I spend a few nights parked in either the fire lane or someone else's spot because I don t want to park outside the gate and walk because I get home so late, and leave for work before the sun rises. I wish they would enforce parking with permits or something, but honestly, it doesn t matter too much.<br><br>Electric is good, not the very most efficient, but then the place was built in the 60's, and it heats and cools fine, even with our big sliding window. I'd say for our 1 bedroom it's about 40-140 a month (and I DO cook a lot), but then I m biased that it's high because my last apt was sub-metered.<br><br>I was a little disappointed that there is no high speed internet. TV Max (the cable company) doesn't offer high speed at this complex, and all I could get was the basic DSL. It works, but it makes it a tad annoying in our home wireless network. Supposedly, they are working to be able to up our speeds. But then, I m also a little spoiled because I sit on a T1 line all day.<br><br>Some people in previous posts complained about the dogs. Really, there is no poo anywhere (there are baggies dispenser things all around), and I've only heard a dog bark a few times. Never all night, never kept me up, and my bed IS right by the window. The place is very dog friendly, and if I owned a dog, I would probably love that. My cat loves the balcony though, and she s never had flea issues.<br><br>Wednesdays and Saturdays there is a farmer's market within 4 minutes walking distance. There is also a small club close by, lots of places to eat, and you could walk to the Velvet Melvin. It s about 10 min drive in the am to the med center, 5 min drive to rice village, and 10 minutes to U of H (about 20 in 6 pm traffic), so the location is super nice.<br><br>Overall, it's a nice place. Not the newest, but a good value compared to a lot of the places we looked at, and definitely bigger. All the people I ve met are friendly, everything we've asked to get done has been done, and being next to the park is nice. All the quirks are definitely outweighed by the total good experience we ve had.
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Wakeforest Apartments

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